Monday, 4 February 2008

Ball gowns, Alzheimers and Healthy heels.

Well where to start today's blog, there are so many snippets of information that I want to share with you! I will start with my outing on Friday to purchase my ball gown ready for our pending art of dance 4th birthday party to be held in April at a venue that I haven't found yet! I popped down to Love and Marriage, the place where I bought my wedding dress. The staff there are always extremly helpful and I was entertained by news from Alison Love, the onwer, about her pending marriage to a gentleamn whose surname is Valentine! What are the chances of that happening so now Alison will be taking the double barreled surname of Valentine - love. During my visit I stumbled across a beautiful designer dress that my mum purchased for me as a belated xmas present so all is ready to go for the April Ball, all I need to do now is find the venue!

On Saturday we ran a series of masterclasses, the first being a sexy dance workout run by Nixi, followed by a climbing and invert workshop with Jo and finished off with a world class pole class with yours truly. Jo, Nixi and Rosanna worked extremely hard during the session and two of my students Tamar and Lai man also worked hard, it was not a session for the faint hearted. We have all felt the effects of this session. On the subject of extreme workouts I received information on a new piece of training equipment from the guys at Body weight culture, Muscle up is a basically a very strong set of rope ladders that can be used in a variety of ways to exercise the body, click here for a video fo the muscle up apparatus in use. The BWC guys have two very usueful home traing videos Part 1 and Part 2 , very helpful if you are looking to increase your exercise regime without spending money!

After Saturdays masterclasses my Nan visited the new dance studio and then I dropped her home, My grandad who is sufferifng from Alzheimer's made me laugh hysterically, he had just seen a postcard featuringn a picture of the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci (pictured above left), he looked at the picture and then asked me is she a friend of yours? I explained that it was a famous painting to which he replied "yes but do you know her?" again I explained that the painting was very old, my grandad decided to change the subject somewhat aware ofo the fact that he was not quite getting the conversation. We returned to discuss whether I was married how busienss was etc only to repeat the same questions several minutes later, we finished the conversation with him saying, "You know that I am told I am forgetting things but I forget the reason why and to be honest it doesn't really bother me, anyway how is that husband of yours?

I meant to mention last week the fantastic news that local school children are getting the chance to try Parkour, a fantastic all body workout that anyone can do anywhere. Just like pole dancign it iall about overcoming your own fears and exceeding your own personal expectations.

My last bit of news today is that
wearing heels may be good for you, contrary to popular belief new studies show that wearing heels helps to tip the pelivs forward and therefore helps to strengthen the pelvic floor muslces, this can lead to benefits in your sex life (reports guarantee stronger orgasms!!) as well as helping tone the legs, particularly the calf muscles, unfortunatley this still does not spell great news for your lower back! Thanks to scientist Italian urologist Dr Maria Cerruto for making these discoveries.

More news to follow soon,

Stay heathy,

Sam x


Glamourpuss said...

Blimey. And there was me thinking all that time in heels had just given me ropey knees...


Nicola said...

I still have bruises from that Saturday, and aches!! Some how, some day, i will beast you!! LOL xx