Sunday, 10 February 2008

Steroids & Chocolate

Before I delve into more serious issues I must start with some chat on chocolate, I persoannly am not abig fan of the stuff but I know than many of you are. Perhaps if I was more partial to the stuff I would understand the new Lynx advert more fully but in fact I find it rather disturbing, the poor male in the film gets his arms and fingers ripped off? Is that what men are looking for from their anti perspirant? Their are already increasing amounts of studies into the danger of anti perspirants and now it seems it can lead to amputation!! (I joke of course)

You would think that a drive to push kids into fitness would be a great thing but according to american research some kids are becoming so obsessed with getting fit that they will take any measures to achieve their goals and that includes taking substances such as steroids. After last years controversy with the tour de france and other sports also discovering their stars are turning to drugs the whole scenario is really not good for sport as a whole. Click here for the msnbc news feed on kids and steroids.

On the subject of kids and exercise I am delighted to be teaching a group of young girls who have been experiencingn problems in their schooling. I was invited by Caradon District Council to work with the girls and the first lesson is now booked for the 22nd February. This is a really excitign opportunity for me to try and motivate the girls and help them acheive their own personal goals. I will keep you posted on their progress. Of course this decision by Caradon District Council is a harsh contrast to the decision taken by the university to exclude me from one of their shows. Thansk to staff at Caradon who have supported me in the past and who continue to do so now. If you live in or around Liskeard check out the variety of classes on offer at Lux.

Don't forget the art of dance open day happening next Saturday 16th February from 12-4pm. This is your chance to see our new premises and see some advanced pole dancing displays in action.

More news and silly chocolate type videos to follow soon, Enjoy the rest of your weekend and stay healthy, I am off for a photoshoot with my instructors and one of our favourite photographers Chris Trent of Global Eye Photography.

Sam x

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bambi said...

hi recently discovered your blog ! I'm currently studying Occupational Therapy and as a fellow pole enthusiast I was very excited reading about your upcoming work with girls with schooling problems - yay for Caradon District Council for being so open minded and yay for you using pole dancing in such a positive way - I will look forward to hearing how it goes ! best of luck with it !! x