Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Other bloggers and other stuff.

Firstly I thought I woudl share this delightful picutre of the elusive Amytree, Trust me in the fact that her ears are not really that big and she is much less hairy in real life! Also on the subject of other bloggers if any of you are unfortunate enough (I joke of course!!) to be pregnant then you may be interested in this beautifully written blog called notes from nine months.

Next a small moan at an article in the herald regarding a take-away (the name shall remain anonymous!) supposedly selling fresh healthy food, yet the menu includes kebabs, chicken burgers and pizzas - no offence to the owner but I can't honestly believe that this establishment is selling anything that is locally produced, fresh or heallthy - shame on you Evening Herald for misleading us especially after the brilliant report on childhood obesity.

It is a short blog today as I don't really have much news and my desk looks like a bombs hit it, need more hours in the day. I also need a good sports massage or visit to the chiropracter, I have not been able to do any yoga recently due to my hectic schedule and my body has not been right since moving several tonnes of rubble during the refurbishment of the new studio - note to self - must book massage with sports physio or chiropracter.

More news to follow when I have more time and more motivation, I will also post my findings on my new discovery - perfect pole dancing gloves.

Stay Healthy,

Sam x


AmyTree said...

I have waxed since that photo was taken!! :-) See you Saturday. xx

ArtofdanceJo said...

I've met AmyTree and yes she does really look like that.