Friday, 22 February 2008

One for the ladies

Thanks to the Fruitarian one for this lovely picutre demonstrating the effects of toning the back muscles, He is a regular on the body weight culture site.
Next on to some great links sent to my by Tony Stephens, Mallakhamb is an indian sport dating back to the 12 century, literally transalted the term means 'wrestler on a pole' that involves the use of a pole, the similarities between Mallakhamb and western pole dancing are huge.

Mallakhamb appears to have three variations, the first uses a wooden pole, the second uses hooks or chains and is known as hanging Mallakhamb and the third is rope Mallakhamb.
To see pole Mallakhamb in action watch this video:
Also an unfortunate update on those monitoring the developments of Catt Wakely, Catt was scheduled to be discharged today but the hospital have discovered significant brain dmage and are having to move Catt to a neurology department at another hospital, this is truly devastating news and my thought go out to Catt and her friends and family.
Well I must dash as I have my first lesson with Caradon District Council tonight, I am scheduled to be teaching ten 15 year olds the art of pole dancing, I will let you know how it goes.

Stay Healthy,

Sam x


Glamourpuss said...

My God, that clip was amazing!

I'd never heard of it before...


AmyTree said...

Oh, wow!! No one could ever accuse him of being inappropriate for a family audience...That was amazing stuff.