Tuesday, 12 February 2008

I can't spell.

Before making any more comments I want to apologise for my hideous grammar and random speling mistakes, I tend to get carried away when writing the blog and quite often forget to check it properly (no excuse I know!), to make matters worse the spell checking facility on this blog does not appear to be working so even if I do check my work I tend to overlook certain things! My last blog was particularly awful grammatically so I will attempt to redeem myself today.

I mentioned in my last blog that I was about to attend a photoshoot, I forgot just how demanding a photoshoot can be. The problem is that you get a very harsh workout as you are holding poses on the pole for longer than you would normally and therefore you take the mucles to their absolute limit. Luckily photographs do not illustrate muscle shake, they do however show tension in the face so I will see how they turn out. Since the shoot I have done 4 hours of teaching and my body is feeling a little sorry for itself. It is also that time of the month when my pain threshold is rubbish, all sympathy gratefully received. I have three days rest now to recover and get ready for our Open day on Saturday. If you have never seen fitness pole dancing or would like to have a nose at our new premises then all are welcome beween 12 and 4pm. Entry is free but we will be rattling the collection tins for the Anthony Nolan Trust.

For those of you who like running as a form of exercise (that doesn't include me!) you may be interested in two gentleman from the Evening Herald who have decided to run for 24 hours across a Namibian desert. Bill Martin & Pete Holdgate are doing the event to raise money for locl charity St Luke's Hospice, Click here for the full story and video. The gentleman involved are either very brave and fit or completely mad! Good Luck to them both with their challenge.

For more art of dance news you may be interested in news of Rosanna's sexy dance class or Nixi's blog (it says lovely things about me! - cheers Nixi x).

That's it for me for today as the Lordette of Darkness is covering my classes tonight and I am off home to relax my aching muscles and catch up on todays edition of Eastenders.

Stay Healthy,

Sam x


Glamourpuss said...

God yes, photo shoots are hard work - that was how I broke my arm - holding a bloody superman too long.

Enjoy the rest. Hope you get romanced, too.


ArtofdanceJo said...

Yes I am the Lordette of Darkness and don't you forget it!!!!

Love Jo