Thursday, 7 October 2010

You can help cure Cancer!

I am sure there is not a person out there who has not been affected by Cancer or does not know a friend, family member, pet or work colleague who has suffered with this awful condition. Cancer is one of the words that just sends a cold shiver down my spine and came far to close to home in April when a routine ultrasound uncovered a tumour on my liver. Luckily the tumour turned out to be benign and is not growing but I had to wait from April till September to be told that everything was OK, the wait was horrendous and I simply can't imagine what it is like to live with Cancer or to watch a loved one suffer.

Thankfully, as I type, more research is being done into preventing and curing Cancer and there are many marvellous Charities such as St Luke's Hospice who do amazing things for those suffering with Cancer as well as offering essential support to their friends and families. I am sure that many of you already donate to Cancer charities and give your time and energy to take part in fund-raising events. 

However, there is something else you can do to help that won't cost you a penny! For the past 15 years I have been taking part in several surveys to help identify the causes of Cancer and to further understand what might increase the risk of us getting Cancer in the first place. The first company I started working with was Epic Cancer and nutrition research, Their research not only helps with valuable research but gives you a great insight into your own eating habits as you record your food diary. If you would like to join in with the Epic study just use this link.

The 2nd company I am involved with is Breakthrough Generations, the UK study of the causes of breast Cancer, which to date has over 109,000 participants. This study does involve giving a blood sample which most GP's will do free of charge for you. I think giving a blood sample is a tiny sacrifice towards finding a cure for Cancer. To learn more about Breakthrough or to take part in their ongoing research just use the link above or visit the Institute of Cancer research.

Let's help beat this terrible disease as well as continuing to support charities like St Luke's who look after those for whom finding a cure is too late.

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

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