Saturday, 21 March 2009

Pole practice and time off work

After 2 hours of pole dancing and 1 hours aerobic conditioning with my Mum on Thursday my muscles were feeling a little tender when it came to a pole jam on Friday afternoon. Hayley and I were the only ones able to make the practice and neither of us were feeling that motivated but we gt on the pole anyway, you can see our pathetic attempts in the video below, you will, no doubt, enjoy my slip when moving from the Jamilla to the wrist seat! Apologies to Hayley for making her stay to film three more videos before realising the camera wasn't working!

After the pole jam it was time to head off for a very pleasant, cosy meal at the Royal Oak at Meavy. Today involved a great drive out across Dartmoor stopping at a pub called the Abbey Inn at Buckfasleigh which I must highly recommend: The food and service was wonderful and as the pub is situated by a river we were able to sit outside to dine. Tonight we are off to indulge in Lobster at the Waterfront pub on the Hoe, the view from this restaurant is truly superb. Thanks to my husband for treating me and both our mums to such a lovely weekend, it has reminded me how lucky I am to live in Devon.

Thanks to those of you who commented on my last blog, I think the blog and the comments highlight the need for both the Equity workers group and the soon to be launched Pole Dance Community website which should help the industry move forwards and help us pole dancers to work together.

I will blog again on Monday about Rosanna's latest antics which should make you laugh hysterically!

Stay healthy,

Sam x

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