Sunday, 29 March 2009

An interesting few days

After my last blog about frustrations with both local council and national government I have been watching with interest the demonstrations surrounding the G20 summit, it seems that it is no longer the minority who are unhappy with the way our country is being run. On the first day of protests 35,000 protesters turned up in the centre of London and that number is expected to rise dramatically over the next week. I will watch with interest to see how things evolve.....

If you read my previous blog then you will know that I was off to London on Friday for the Equity pole dancers working group meeting, I set of at 8.30pm to catch my train but after it arrived 15 minutes late I then had to wait patiently on the platform as the doors failed to open, passengers waiting to get off the train looked on as someone tried to rectify the problem, eventually the doors were open and off we went only to experience the same problem at each station delaying the journey by an average of 15 minutes per station, by the time we reached Westbury the train was now over 1.5 hours late and this time the doors were really stuck. There was one emergency exit available for the whole train, very little communication from staff and the ongoing frustration of knowing I was going miss my meeting. As time ticked on I knew that I was never going to get to the London office of Equity and therefore decided to change at Reading to get a train home.

I won't go into the full details of the problems with my first great western train but I will be complaining to FGW as well a writing to the health and safety executive to find out why I was put on a train with limited escape routes.

Apart from the disasterous train journey I do have some great news, I have booked the art of dance 5th Birthday Bash. The event will be a black tie event on the 7th June at the Royal Plymouth Corinthian Yacht Club, the venue has a stunning 180 degree view across the sound and includes an outdoor and indoor viewing area. The main events will be the student showcases and instructor exhibitions that will take place in the fantastic ballroom with food being served in the adjacent restaurant area. I am really excited about the day as it promises to be a great night. If any of you are interested in buying tickets then you can click here to buy them from our events page, tickets cost £30 and include all the entrainment and buffet. If you are interested in exhibiting the contact me to discuss.

Having our birthday bash booked really motivates my pole practice and this week I achieved my first full flag (see picture right), well OK so I cant keep both legs straight and have to have one bent but this for me is a big step forward and combined with the twisted handgrip I could have this one nailed for the birthday bash.

I have lots more to share with you but have to go to get ready for tonights thai-boxing and kick boxing show at Marjon's. My husband has 7 Saints fighters on the bill which means we will be very busy in the corner. I will let you know how the night goes. If any of you are local and fancy coming along there are some tickets left for purchase on the door.

Big hugs to the lovely Kim whom I visited on Thursday at the Royal Devon & Exeter hospital, Kim is making great improvement and is coping well despite having been in hopsital for over 3 months. If all goes according to plan Kim could be home in 2 weeks. I am looking forward to seeing her new home and providing her with some pole dancing lessons very soon. I also hope to help out with the fundraising ball for the local cystic fibrsis charity in September, more news to follow.

Big hugs also to the gorgeous Glamour Puss who has been recovering from surgery but still managed to attend Fridays Equity meeting and raised some issues in my absence.
A huge hug to The Lordette herself who has also been out of action, I am off to see her this afternoon so will let you know how she is getting on.
Finally get well soon to my lovely Mum who has a horrible head cold, I hope my mum will be feeling better very, very soon,

Stay Healthy,

Sam x


Glamourpuss said...

Yeah, don't tell my boss...

Will drop you an email re the meeting.

Hope your day wasn't too soul-destroying.


Glamourpuss said...

Oh, and I meant to say, I'd be up for performing at your birthday party if you'll have me :-)