Sunday, 8 March 2009

Life in General

This week has been full of up's and downs and I have had some fantastic news accompanied by some truly awful news. I will start with some good news: The Lovely AmyTree has moved into her new home, My friend Kirsty has had a beautiful baby boy called Connor, I have managed to catch up with some old friends who I had briefly lost contact with, I had coffee with my friend Elaine whose baby is due next week. My grandad is doing well in his new home and my wonderful husband has been helping me with some graphic design (we have made some fab new flyers!) and we have set up a joint business, more news on that to follow very very soon!

Thanks to Chris from Global Eye photography for the picture above left of me performing a shoulder mount jack knife which is one of the moves from our new art of dance instructional DVD that is due for release very soon.

Get well soon to Tamar who had been rather under the weather lately and a huge hug to Kim Quaintance who has just had her essential new portacath fitted but is now in agony and desperate to be able to return home. FAO Kim: We are all thinking about you and hope that you can go home as soon as possible x x

It is very rare for my to buy new clothes or make-up but I had to face up to the reality that my favourite pink Loreal lipstick had really run out and no matter how much I picked at the case there was simply nothing left so off I went to Boots to pick out another one. To my horror they had discontinued my favourite shade and despite a desperate search of the store there was no shade that came even close. I am not the most patient shopper and I am sure that I had picked up every lipstick in the store, I had proof of this from the numerous tester shades plastered across my hand. I finally settled for a Rimmel option, Sugar Plum 086. This new lipstick happens to smell of sweets, which is fine if you are sweet toothed, I actually find the smell a little nauseating but for those of you who like sweet things and are trying to cut down on your calories this lipstick might just make you spend the whole day rushing out and buying cakes and chocolates!

The down side to the week: My mum's best friend has been diagnosed with lung cancer and the exact prognosis is looking pretty dire, it is scary to think that someone can appear fine and healthy and then within a few weeks become almost bed ridden. Jean is a wonderful lady who I spent much time with in my younger years. I can't imagine how she, her husband or daughter must be feeling but my thoughts are with them. I also want my Mum to know how much I am thinking about her, she has lost 2 of her really close friends in the last few years and the thought of losing Jean too is deeply upsetting for her. My Mum is such a wonderful person that she really does not deserve any more unhappiness, I just wish there was more that I could do to help.

You may remember me blogging last year about my Mum's friend Sue who had passed away after suffering a massive heart attack, as a result of her death her son Robert is running the London Marathon this year to raise money for the British heart Foundation, he hopes to reach his target of £2,500 and is currently up to £710. If you are interested in sponsoring him just click here for his just giving page. FAO Rob: Good Luck with your marathon attempt!

Now for my next subject, hopefully the landlord of my business premises will not be reading this as I have just spent his rent! People are always going on about speculating to accumulate so I have spent the rent on stock and now have less than 3 weeks to turn the stock back into cash! It may be a bit of a gamble but I have some fab new stock arriving this week including some funky new velour shorts, Nomis gloves, Dry Hands and much more!

Anyway, enough ranting for today as I am off for a luxurious bath followed by a quick visit to see my grandad and then pop to the farm shop before returning for a relaxing evening in front of the computer and TV.

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

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AmyTree said...

Thanks for the optimism but the move is still 2 weeks away!! :-) Wish it was done...
I LOVE your photo!!!!