Sunday, 18 January 2009

A very brave bunny!

You may be wondering why I have started my blog with a playboy bunny image, well the reason is that gorgeous student Kim Quaintance absolutely loves the Playboy brand and as this blog is all about her I thought it would be apt!

Kim was admitted to hospital on Boxing day after an infection attacked her portacath, being a cystic fibrosis sufferer Kim's port is her lifeline, the port is a totally implantable venous device which is crucial to Kim's health. To cut a long story short the new year period was hell for Kim and she spent much time in Intensive care before being allowed onto Culme ward, a lung specialist unit. I am absolutely amazed at Kim's bravery, I have never heard her whinge or complain about her condition, even as she sat on her bed in pain and discomfort she still smiled and asked me how things were going. Kim apologised for the state she was in, she explained that she had not washed her hair for three weeks but luckily for Kim she always looks fantastic, I bet she still looked fab when she was in intensive care too!

Anyway Kim is definitely fighting the infection and hopes that she will be able to return to her new home soon. Apparently the house is bedecked in Playboy bunnies and her treatment room is decked out with oxygen cylinders, meds and of course it features a pole! The pole was provided by the East Devon Cystic Fibrosis quality of life fund and I am expecting pictures from Kim of her practiscing on it as soon as she gets home.

For now Kim is still too weak to leave her bed but I hope that when I return to see her she will be off the oxygen and also able to venture up to the Hospital restaurant, she explained to me that the standard hopsital food is awful. Kim will require another op to install a new portacath but I am sure that she will continue to show the same strength and determination she has already shown.

Unfortunately for Kim there were no Young attractive male doctors on her ward so I have sent her a few male pole dancing videos (click here for the latest from Timber Brown!) to keep her entertained! I will be getting a card for all at the art of dance to sign but if you do have any inspiring messages for this very brave lady then please leave them on the comments section so I can print them and e-mail them to her.

On the subject of technology I was horrified to learn how much patients are charged for the us of bedside TVs and phones, apparently Patientline has ludicrous charges for its services and the TV costs about £15 for 5 days! Luckily Kim is able to access most services for free as she is a regular in-patient but I still feel it is wrong to charge so much for these services.

FAO - Kim - if you are reading this, I hope you do not mind me writing so much about you but I feel that you are such an inspiration to others that I simply had to blog about you!

If any of you are feeling a little generous and want to donate to a cystic fibrosis charity then click on either the EDCF site or the CF Trust to see how you can help or donate.

Stay Healthy,

Sam x


Anonymous said...

Hi Sam,

Just wanted to leave a comment - Kimmy is my sister and I think she is so brave, strong and determined! She is an influence to all of us and hearing her talk about your classes has got me interested!! Maybe when Kim is better I can join her in learning some moves...
Thanks Sam,
xxxx said...

Hi Lauren, Look forward to seeing you in a pole class very soon, Sam x