Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Cold & Miserable

I have never been the biggest fan of cold weather but the last few days have really been nasty, I am currently sat in my office with the heating on full (not that it is making any difference) and I am wearing several layers of clothing plus some gloves and a scarf and I am still cold. In addition to the cold there are numerous bugs doing the rounds affecting both my staff and students and therefore having a detrimental effect on my business. I am still unsure if it is the credit crunch or if it is just the illness and cold that is making things so difficult.

I am unsure how other pole schools are coping at present but will find out on the 23rd January when I meet with other pole school owners for the new year Equity meeting in London. I hope that I have netter news to deal with then. If you are thinking about starting pole dancing lessons or if you have friends who are thinking about starting then check out these testimonials to see the positive benefits of fitness pole dancing!

I will blog again in the next few days when I am more positive but in the meantime you may want to read this disturbing article on weight watchers lessons for children!

Get Well Soon to Jo and my deepest sympathies to my lovely Husband whose granny passed away yesterday.

Stay Healthy,

Sam x


AmyTree said...

Shivering sympathy from me!!! My hacking cough is back with a vengeance and I feel rubbish... :-(

Glamourpuss said...

Condolences to dear Sid.

Yes, bloody freezing - I hate it.

I think the credit crunch will really hit pole dancing, but I do firmly believe that good businesses will always survive. You run a good business.