Thursday, 29 January 2009

Trouble at mill part 2

If you haven't already seen today's news then you will have missed the controversy over whether I should have pole danced at South Devon College and whether the display was appropriate. From my point of view it seems the story has been blown out of all proportion as it was a simple fitness display blending dance and gymnastics. I will blog fully later but in the meantime you can check out the story in the Herald, news lite, New York daily news, BBC News The Daily Mail, the Metro's reactionary editorial, Torquay Herald Express, The Telegraph and the story as reported by ITN, or if you fancy a laugh read the Sun who describe me as a busty brunette! keep an eye on tonight's news for more discussion and debate!

Stay healthy,

Sam x


Unknown said...

Reactionary is right. Another case of the media jumping on two buzzwords and not portraying the true story. Anyone that sees the video will know that this isn't the kind of 'pole dancing' or lap dancing you see in shady clubs, but is something gymnastically themed and quite beautiful.

That aside, thanks Sam, because I've never seen this time of routine before and it's really impressive. Hopefully more people will take the time to actually watch it rather than blindly swallowing what the media feeds, and you can get the credit you deserve!


Anonymous said...

I think they should invite Sam to start a fitness class at South Devon College for students and staff and perhaps an evening class for the wider community! I would think that most of the staff and students are very happy about the demonstration and can see the pole dancing that Sam does is a blend of gymnastics and dance, nothing provocative about it at all. I am amazed at the negative responses. How is it controversial? It is interesting to compare the headlines and opening sentences in the Sun and Mail with other papers too! I wish the college would stand its ground and back Sam. They certainly shouldn't give in to the negative criticism. Devon Mum

Art of dance Hayley said...

This situation has left me feeling enraged by the ignorance yet full of pride for Sam and The Art of Dance! It is such a shame that the stereotype is still so apparent yet Sam's display was nothing but elegant gymnastics and clearly beneficial to the fitness industry!
I can't help but agree with Sam's comments about artists like the Pussycat Dolls being very provocative and in my opinion bitchy and very negative role models for young women with such messages in their songs as "don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me!" Yet this is seen as acceptable by the media and something to be admired! I tell you what I admire,I admire the determination of my boss Sam Remmer, all the hard work she puts into her business, her pole dancing skills and the huge number of women she has taught and helped to feel good about themselves! She has influenced many women including myself and I have nothing but respect and admiration for what she/we represent.
I was subject to such ignorance last night at The Essence of the Entrepreneur Awards in London when I spoke to a business women who asked me what I do for a living. I told her I was a "Fitness Pole Dancing Instructor" and she kept making references to heroin and blow jobs as well as calling me a stripper numerous times! It left me feeling quite helpless to convincing her otherwise and to be honest she wasn't worth my breath!
The negative response to Sam's display at the college is a real shame and I'm glad Sam is flying the flag for Fitness Pole Dancing and fighting back, you go girl! We are all behind you!

ArtofdanceJo said...

I thoroughly second Hayley's comments above. GO SAM, GO SAM, GO SAM, GO SAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best boss I've ever had. We love ya.


Anonymous said...

Lest we kid ourselves, you can make the disreputable respectable because it is convenient.

…and please, if you choose to reply to this do try and avoid all the tired arguments: "Negative criticism is stereotyping." "There is NOTHING controversial about it." "People against it are a) ignorant b) old or out of touch c) easily swayed by the media."


Anonymous said...

Just saw you in ITV1. Nice one Sam!

Reckon U should address point by point the objections raised - that would be a great marketing opportunity for the Art of Dance.

Fighting stereotypes is hard but keep the struggle going. 60 Years ago, Afro Americans had to ride in the back of a bus. Now, one's been hauled around in the Presidential Limo. Moral of the story is things are possible! Just hope the rest of the Pole Fitness community are showing their support by rallying behind you on this.


Anonymous said...

Just ignore the supposed negative criticism. You're actually involved in what is a pretty substantial marketing campaign.

Nobody in the news is going to care in a week, so use the opportunity to get your photo and website in as many outlets as possible.

I would have loved to have seen this at school when I was 14. Sure, the kids will be bluetoothing their videos around; that comes with the territory. I'm sure I would have done, but that's just boys being boys.

Considering nudity is permitted in PG films, and near full-on intercourse in 15 rated films, I can hardly see how even a raunchy pole-dance would be inappropriate.

Good luck with the media, and stand firm :)

Kevin said...

I for one think all the 'controversy' is a good thing.

Your performance was a tasteful display of strength, grace and agility and nobody who actually watched it could say otherwise.

Whilst pole dancing arguably had its origins in tacky strip clubs, people like you are evolving it into something more like olympic gymnastics. They have the parallel bars, the uneven bars, why not the vertical bar?

All the protests from the think-of-the-children brigade are simply going to invoke the Streisand Effect and draw more attention to you and your video (I found out about your routine from the 'Courier Mail' in Brisbane Australia).

I applaud you on your performance and your courage to stand up for yourself in the face of these narrow minded detractors.

Good Luck

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam, I just wanted to share a post I made on a Men's fitness forum. I congratulate you on your fantastic fitness and very good form!

Keep up the fantastic work!

Here's the post :)

I have absolutely no issue with that at all. Far from being graphic I thought it was beatiful and artistic.

The only issue is the seedy nature with which pole dancing is associated, it's no less a form of gymnastics than the horse, the vault the beam or a long ribbon and a hoola hoop as far as I'm concerned and obviously the girl is very fit so fair play too her. Does it bother anyone that it's an attractive, fit young woman.

If it was a man doing that no doubt people would be commending him for his display of physical strength and artistic ability.

Granted, if I was 14 that would stay in the wank bank for a very long time (and who really gives a shit, JustThe5, is this really going to corrupt the minds of 14 year olds?) but what does that matter?

At best, this is a display worthy of respect from an audience, possibly causing kids to take an interest in their health and inspire them into some form of sport/gymnastics. At worst it's something for a few teenage lads to go home and have a think about.

Get a grip, world!


Anonymous said...

Oh dear god, I've just realised the immense crudeness of what I said. I had intended to edit that before I posted it!

It wasn't meant to be crude, just an honest appraisal of the situation. I was trying to make the point, as ineloquantly as humanly possible (it would seem) that the very worst that could come of this is that it might get a few easily exciteable, already excited teenage boys a bit more excited..

Ahem, with that, I shall run away never to be seen again.

All the best.

Anonymous said...

I have been pole dancing at the Art of Dance school for nearly 2 years. Learning to pole dance has increased my flexibility, improved my balance and co-ordination and increased the strength in my arms. I have also, for the first time ever in my 32 years, managed to do a handstand. There is always something to learn and above all it is fun.
I am proud to belong to such a great place.


AmyTree said...

I have been an Art of Dance student for 2 years now, and am stronger and more flexible than I have ever been in my life! I do not consider myself an athlete or a gymnast (in the traditional sense!) and originally just wanted to have some fun. Now I have legs that I love, biceps I am thrilled with, and a whole circle of amazing friends.

Sam, I am so proud of you! xxx

Anonymous said...

woo! that's a lot of publicity Sam and I think you'll get lots more attention and business!

Anonymous said...

Impressive videos. Sorry about all the fuss.

Have you used any of the material available on the traditional Indian "Mallakhamb" as part of your public educational efforts?

Maybe if people knew that there are roots of this activity going back thousands of years they wouldn't be so dense about it.

LW said...

Having looked through your videos It is obvious they are about dance and exercise and not titillation. The press have, perhaps predictably, overreacted but I hope that this whole situation blows over soon and in the meanwhile gets lots of other people to see the good work that you do. Best wishes,


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