Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Seasonal Health

If any of you have read Glamour Puss's blog today you will be familiar with her comments on modern Santa's. It seems one of our traditional xmas icons is a picture of ill health, he is vastly overweight, he lives on mince pies and sherry and he only works for one day of the year. Hardly a fitness role model!

While Santa has no excuse the rest of do feel the effects of the winter, we are all affected by sunlight so the shorter days and longer nights can hardly be beneficial. Seasonal Affective disorder is said to cause winter depression, flu bouts are more widespread and xmas spending can damage our wallets. On the plus side you get less risk of skin cancer and dehydration but I personally am looking forward to the warmer month.

For me the dark evenings and cold chill in the dance studio make me less motivated to get on the pole, apart from the fact that chrome poles in winter feel like icicles your muscles take longer to warm and the thought of wearing hotpants in the cold is hardly appealing. At one point this week my toes actually went numb through cold and I thought that if I ventured near the pole I would surely break my toes.

It seems a lot of my students have fallen victim to a lovely bout of flu nastiness, which is bad for them and bad for my business. As the flu virus is spread through sneezing and hand contact it makes it easy to catch, lets hope everyone gets better for xmas day.

I am now off for a medicinal warming beverage - ale, and a dose of TV. Exercise will ensue tomorrow,

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

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