Friday, 21 December 2007

Seasonal good news

Firstly thanks to all my students who helped to make our last week at Saints a special one Here is a picture, courtesy of Penny, of some of the girls pole dancing on Tuesday.

Well if any of you watched spotlight last night you will be pleased to know that drinking may be good for you, in moderation of course. The peninsula medical school has been researching lifestyles of the over 65's and has found that those who drink 2-3 units of alcohol a day are actually healthier than those who don't - Yippee. I love the idea of a Doctor recommending that you have a few pints.

I found some interesting stuff on the BBC website on their new mad about food section, there is all sorts of debate on buying locally and eating organic. There is a section on a family trying to live the organic lifestyle but finding it difficult to follow due to high costs and limited availability.

Now call me a hypocrite but I have just done my Xmas food (and beer) shop, my husband and I ignored the ingredients and just bought what we fancied. I say that but then I still found myself sneaking a peek at the labels and putting several things back on the shelves. I think it is safe to say that neither me or my husband will starve this Xmas and we may both be adding a few kgs to our bodies over the festive season.

Enough rantings for now, I pick up the keys to my new premises tomorrow and am really excited, I am just doing some last minute bits of admin in the office before my last lesson in Saints tomorrow.

Stay Healthy,

Sam x


Glamourpuss said...

Blimey! Is Spotlight still going?! My parents used to make me sit through that - local news being important and all.

Happy Christmas, lovely - feast your boots off!


AmyTree said...

How very exciting!!! Merry Christmas Sam.
xx said...

Hi Puss,

Yes spotlight is still on, you probably even remember Craig Rich the weatherman who has only just retired!

Have a great xmas and hope to see you in January.

Sam x

Hi Amytree,

You will probaly be getting a call from me just after xmas re new premises. Hope you and the Dude have a great xmas,

Sam x

Anonymous said...

Festive joy to you and a great new year.

Ziggy said...

Hi Ziggy,

hope you had a good xmas and look forward to seeing you in 2008,

Sam x