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Pole Essentials - Book Review

Here is the book review I have just done for the Pole Dance Community website, thought you might like to read it. More to follow soon on the hypocrisy of Plymouth City Council's leaders, United Kingdom Pole Artistes Championships and motorway driving!!

Pole Essentials Book Review by PDC approved instructor Sam Remmer.

Pole Essentials is a new pole dancing resource written and compiled by PDC approved instructor Goddess Star Monroe. The book is a great A4 style paperback featuring a catalogue of over 70 moves accompanied by beautiful black and white pictures and guidelines for safe execution of each move. There is also space to write notes next to each move to aid your pole dancing progress.

In addition to the moves there are a whole host of resources such as pole dancing websites, quotes from accomplished pole dancers and some inspiring words of wisdom, from GSM herself, to motivate you and inspire you.

The book is described by Goddess as "a reference manual, a pole journal or just as an inspiring reminder that you can achieve anything you deserve"

Pole Essentials is the sort of thing that every pole dancer wants to add to their collection of DVD's, grip aids and other pole dancing must-haves.

My copy of Pole Essentials arrived in the post and I couldn't wait to open it! It has a sleek black cover and is extremely tactile. Although of have my own copy of the PDC Syllabus CD-rom I still wanted the Pole Essentials hand book to add to my plethora of pole dancing items.

The book is ideal for all abilities so you don't have to be a super advanced athlete to benefit from the book. The quotes and notes make the book perfect for a bit of bedtime reading or simply as a coffee table accompaniment. I can also see this book sat on the shelves of many pole dancing studios.

I would recommend the book to all and expect to see this item becoming a pole dancing best seller.

So what made Goddess Star Monroe (pictured right) fall in love with pole dancing and have the desire to write a book?

When did you start pole dancing?

I started pole dancing over 10 years ago, I dragged my girlfriend up to a gentleman's club in London, they were doing taster courses in the evening. I don't think we stopped laughing throughout the whole of the experience. Not sure if I learnt any moves but I remember cavorting around on the stage quite a lot!

What got you into Pole Dancing?

I loved the sensual side of pole dancing, it was a unique way to express and move my body that I had never really experienced before.

Currently what is your favourite pole dancing move?

I am currently working on all the moves, slowing them down and really working on building my strength and technique. So I don't particularly have a favourite move more of a preferred way of pole dancing - very slow and controlled - aka Zoraya Judd.

What is your pole dancing nemesis?

Pantera's knee hold.

Funniest class moment?

Probably me telling one of my students not to uncross her legs when up the pole - except that I was up the pole and uncrossed my legs and fell off!

Favourite type of pole to dance on?

45mm x pole.

Favourite music to dance to?

Slow and moody.

Spinning or Static?


Which pole dancers inspire you?

Zoraya Judd and Caterina Gennaro.

Have you or do you plan to enter any pole dancing competitions?

I did have a wild idea to compete this year but having competed in body-building competitions before I know what kind of commitment is needed and at the moment my energies are focused on writing my 2nd book. Who knows in the future though!

What hobbies do you have aside from pole dancing?

Baking cakes!!! I adore baking and organising events!

What are you pole dreams for the future?

I love what I have achieved through pole dancing in the past 10 years, currently I am happy teaching and inspiring my students but for me the future will be in public speaking and running large scale women's events - my passion is to inspire and empower women to fall in love with being themselves and I want to meet and help as many women as I possibly can. It would be an amazing experience to have pole dancing exploratory sessions at my women's events!!! Now that would be mind-blowing!!

Buy your own copy of Pole Essentials here!

The book retails at £19.99 with UK postage at £2.00 and the rest of the world at £4.

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