Sunday, 15 August 2010

Pole Dancing and Burlesque in Plymouth!

As it is Sunday I am enjoying a relaxed post-breakfast cup of Earl Grey and the chance to write a lazy Sunday blog. Unfortunately I can't be too lazy! Soon I will have to abandon my fleecy dressing gown to teach a private pole dancing lesson and to pick up some essentials from B & Q for the ongoing refurbishment of the art of dance. The refurb is on schedule at the moment and everything should be ready for the big re-launch on Saturday 4th September. The beauty salon, Chica Bella, is starting to look absolutely gorgeous with crystal chandeliers, cream and gold wallpaper and lavish mirrors. Work on the Nail Bar starts this week and I can't wait to see the results.

I attended my first PoleFlowYoga class this week with yoga expert Jane MacDermott and I loved it, I have always been a big fan of yoga so adding the pole is my kind of heaven. I will update you on the PoleFlowYoga soon but can add that the PoleFlowYoga classes commence on Monday 6th September at 1pm, a 90 minute class will cost just £7. Jane says "
PoleFlowYoga is a blend of Flow Yoga with all the benefits of a pole. It teaches you how to move while enjoying extra support and freedom using a pole.  Pole Flow Yoga is both dynamic and still.  It uses breathe and flow to find: stability and freedom, give strength and flexibility, inviting vitality in opening, and stillness in closing, leading to a sense of liberation and newness."

For those of you who missed it check out Kitty Kane's Interview (Kitty pictured above)in the Herald this week including references from me too! The Interview is wonderfully written by one of my favourite Herald feature writers Martin Freeman. Kitty's Dolls now train at the art of dance every Tuesday night at 6.30pm and 7.30pm, to join Kitty's classes just visit her website. Our very own art of dance Burlesque Belles train every Wednesday night at 7pm but, starting on the 8th September classes will be held  at 6.30pm and 7.45pm, click here to book your space

This week I heard about a disturbing new trend affecting the lap dancing world. The industry has changed a lot over the years and it seems the novelty of paying £20 for a lap dance may be wearing thin especially as the 3 foot rule is now enforced in many clubs. Alongside the lap dancing clubs men can easily get more than just a lap dance in Brothels and private houses at similar prices, so for some men the lap dancing option may no longer be good value for money! As the lap dancers see their income dwindling they have come up with a worrying new way to earn more; Several local lap dancers are now taking large sums of money off their customers with the promise of meeting up outside of the club later in the evening, this meeting never actually takes place leaving the man out of pocket and the dancer much wealthier. My concern is that it will only be a matter of time before a vengeful customer acts resulting in an assault or worse. I will touch on this subject again soon in a future blog raising more concerns about the exotic pole/lap dancing industry and it's possible future. It seems that the Policing and Crime Bill 2009 (section 26) has done little to protect communities, dancers or customers.

Anyway, that is enough blogging for a Sunday so I will sign off and get myself ready for more work!

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

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