Friday, 6 August 2010

My arrival.

It seems that nearly all my blogs are either about pole dancing and health issues or about eating and drinking, so today I will write about something completely different; Whilst my cousin, Val, was staying with me we spent some time going through old family photos as well as my Nan's diary from my birth year. I wanted to share some of the pics and text with you, partly because they are special to me and also so that you can have a bit of a laugh at my expense and at my extremely frizzy hair Extreme frizz photos to follow)! Today's blog will focus on my Nan's diary entries and my first few weeks and then I will share some very embarrassing pictures with you within the next few days (a few of them are already on facebook!)

Lets start with the entry in my Nan's diary announcing my arrival into this world: Lesley doing my hair at 2.30pm. Cancelled. (apologies to my Nan that my arrival resulted in her hair appointment being cancelled!) Samantha Leigh arrived 12.10am. Bill rang to let us know. Norah rang 12.30am! 5lbs 5ozs." The next diary entry records the actual moment my Nan received the call announcing my birth;  Bill rang 12.15am with news of the arrival of Samantha Leigh at Devonport Hospital- Lesley and Samantha doing very well. Watered Plants with Doreen. Nice to know that my arrival did not negatively affect the plant watering!

From what I am told of my birth I was 6 weeks early (I have always been impatient!) and was jaundiced although my Mum just thought I had a lovely tan, not too sure what she thought of my yellow eyes? My jaundice caused a little concern and so I was transferred to Freedom Fields Hospital 3 days after my birth. The following day my Nan recorded this: Lesley rang 7.30am from Freedom Fields. Samantha having heat treatment for 24 hours and on drip feed. Wanted to contact Bill but no visiting today as doctors were due to tour the wards etc. Watered Plants at Lanternberry with Doreen. Once again the plants were spared from dehydration!
By the grand old age of 3 weeks I was still causing problems! Lesley rang. Samantha now 6lbs 1.5 ozs. Going on 4 hourly feeds. Eventually I was let out of hospital and ready for my first stay with my Nana; Looked after Samantha, Lesley and Bill at reception for Lord Mayor's Day. Heidi due on heat. Nice to know about my Nan's cocker spaniels pending period!

So as you can see I was problematic from day one! Apparently during my first few years I tried to swallow a razor blade, climbed out onto a balcony roof having just learned to walk, let the handbrake off one of my parent's cars and fell onto a door nearly slicing my throat open. My Old school friend, Claire Lloyd, may remember my antics in the playground at the age of 9 when I walked into a wall and seriously squashed my nose, The nose became flat where the bridge should have been and I had 2 matching black eyes and 2 operations ensued to repair the damage! Apologies to my Mum and Dad for all the stress caused! I hope I am now a little less hazardous now?

Now I have been let loose with the entire photographic family history I should warn all of those on facebook to be aware of being tagged in some old, embarassing photos! I will leave you with this photo of me taking my first steps with my Mum on the grass outside the Moat House on the Hoe.

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

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Anonymous said...

Nothing like some good old baby photos. I love them. I unfortunately don't have many memories of being young so photos are important to me.
And of course all the lovely 70s decor and clothes!
Ziggy x