Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Lord Mayor's Day 2010

I seem to be neglecting my blogging again due to committing to some extra responsibilities. As a result I now have a back log of things I want to blog about so may bombard you with blogs over the next few days. Today's blog will be told mainly in pictures to celebrate some of the wonderful things abut Plymouth. I will start with Lord Mayor's Day which has a special place in my heart; as a child I attended Lord Mayor's Day every year, joining my Mum & Dad on the Plymouth Junior Chamber of Commerce float. Lord Mayor's Day (LMD) was one of my favourite days of the year and always fell just before or after my May birthday. I think my favourite year was the year I was dressed as an alien with silver face paint and matching silver costume. I clearly remember the processions final road stage through Elliott street and onto the Hoe promenade, I remember looking up at the windows of one of the buildings and seeign an elderly lady watching the procession from above, I remember waving frantically so I could catch her eye and then being thrilled when she looked straight at me and started smiling, it was one of life's precious moments and was one of the reasons I started working with the elderly at the age of 16 whilst doing my A-levels.

So LMD 2010 was a little different to the ones I remember as a child, this year involved a walking procession and no floats. I personally love the idea of a walking procession as it promotes exercise and prevents the carbon emissions you would normally get from a parade of motorised floats.

For me the day started with a 9.30am start at Moor View Park where myself and members of the Mutley Traders and Mutley Greenbank Trust prepared to entertain the Deputy Lord Mayor and Deputy Lady Mayoress. The Deputy LM and his wife played games in the park whilst being entertained by music and members of the Onward House Junior Warden group.

picture below of Compton Councillor David Stark playing Boules in Moor View Park.
picture below of the entertainers and the Onward House junior wardens.

picture below of PCSO Pablo Beckhurst and one of the junior wardens

picture below of the LMD procession outside the Roland Levinsky building

Me in my pirate outfit!

I was hoping to post the video of the pole dancing display I did at my studio of the Deputy LM and his wife but I managed to press the pause button rather then the record button resulting in no footage! I did receive some very positive feedback about my display so hopefully managed to dispel a few myths and educate a few minds about modern fitness pole dancing. Hopefully a next year's Lord Mayors day I will be able to perform in public alongside the belly dancers (see picture below) and morris dancers!

I was going to write some more today but blogger seems to be misbehaving so rather than battle with it I will sign off and try to write some more tomorrow.Blogs to follow will include the wonders of Plymouth, news from the art of dance and the NSPDS routine for the nation

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

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