Monday, 31 May 2010

Fresh air and art

After some serious pole training I felt that my body needed some relaxation and rejuvenation so my husband and I decided to set of the Delamore Estate for some fresh air and art. We became aware of the art exhibition after reading this story in the Herald. Unfortunately today is the last day of the exhibition so if you have missed it click here to see the Delamore arts website

The Delamore estate is situated in the South hams next to the pretty village of Cornwood, it is usually closed to the public but for the month of May the gardens are filled with sculptures and the public have free run of the land. The experience was so lovely that I am just about to head back for a second visit and a picnic near the lake of the estate.

Rather than listening to me waffle you may prefer to peruse some pictures, Unfortunately I did not take the names of many of the artists but they are all on the Delamore arts website linked to in the first paragraph. The only artist I did note due to being a fan is Mistress Metal herself, Katie Lake - see the dragonfly picture further down.

Hope you like my pictures!

The day out has invigorated my senses and has relaxed my overworked muscles! The trip was also finished off beautifully with a pint of Well's Bombardier at the Cornwood Inn and a meal out at Arriba's Mexican restaurant. I am now ready for some more serious pole training as well as trying to sneak in some extra yoga sessions to improve my flexibility (determined to perfect the Spatchcock!). Watch out if you are one of my students this week as I am feeling like some serious hardcore workouts!

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

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