Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Just a quick blog today although I promise to follow with a mammoth blog very soon! I stumbled upon this lovely blog about Minxster - see picture above. If you have a dog or have had dogs then you will love reading this blog about life as a Giant Schnauzer. Click here to read the blog.

Big blog to follow on some serious scandal but I will leave you with this link to the Herald's coverage of hypocritical Plymouth Council Chief Barry Keel who has refused to take a pay cut from his existing salary of £167,000.  It seems like another case of them and us; we have to keep tightening the purse strings and making cuts whilst those at the more appealing end of the pay system carry on as normal. I think the comments relating to the story on the Herald website speak for themselves, here are just a few of them:

"If this man thinks he's worth the money and could earn more in private industry-then go prove it. As with all top bosses he has a team and advisors and is never seen to take responsibility."
party, ply

"While 46 employees of Amey (highways in Plymouth) have been told they may be made redundant." Nice one Barry! James Holland, Plymuff

"Council employees that were forced to take a pay cut they had no choice shame on you"
bill, Plymouth

"The arrogance of this man is breathtaking. When other employees have pay cuts forced on them he has the audacity to assume that he should be exempt from sharing part of the burden. As for the "city council spokeswoman" you simply cannot defend the indefensible."
Annie, Plmouth

More stuff to follow!

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Up Dance said...

So beautiful!
I love dogs!
Sorry my english,i still studied!
I'm a brazilian pole dancer and i go read your blog!
kiss said...

Hi there, thanks for taking the time to comment and glad you liked the link to Minxster. Have you been to this site -

Sam x