Sunday, 31 January 2010

Karma & disgust!

You may have noticed that my most recent blogs have not been the cheeriest of posts so today I intend to share some nice things with you! Ok, so there will be one bit that is not nice but it will be written with the best intentions.

Firstly I want to thank the person who handed my handbag into the Mannamead last night! I had been out on a lovely evening with some friends and in the process of moving tables my bag must have dropped of the back of my chair. I really didn't expect to get it back and even when I did find out it had been handed in I did not expect to find my purse still containing money! I just wish I could personally thank the honest person who handed it in and to tell them just how much their actions are appreciated. I also want to say how great it was to spend time with my wonderful friends. Thanks to the Mannamead and Fortescue staff for looking after us and providing great ale, thanks also to Fortescue landlord Steve for moving the tables around so we could all sit together. I will be looking forward to the next big Social in March (dates to follow).

I have some more good news that I can't fully share at the moment but what I can say is that my neighbour who has been responsible for some seriously nasty acts towards myself and other street residents was arrested on Friday morning (I can't say what for yet!). What I can say is that the residents in our lovely street have all been able to breath a huge sigh of relief that the police have finally caught up with him. I will expand on this subject in a future blog. I do firmly believe that what goes around comes around and in this case he is going to get what he truly deserves.

Now I need to ask you a small favour that will only take up a minute of your time and that you may actually enjoy? One of my University of Plymouth pole dancing students, Shona, is doing her dissertation on feelings of disgust and she needs volunteers to complete a short questionaire. Click here to view and complete the questionaire, you will be helping Shona and may find the questions very interesting.

Much as I would love to carry on blogging I have to clean my house and car as they are both equally filthy. Will blog again soon but in the meantime enjoy the rest of your Sunday,
Stay Healthy,

Sam x

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