Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Tavistock update

This may be my last blog till at least Monday as I am off to Bolton & Bradford for a few days. The last week has been interesting as I think I have overdone things a little. I mentioned in my last blog that I felt poorly but by Sunday I felt truly hideous and Monday wasn't much better but today I think I am through the worst of it and on the road to recovery!

Saturday saw me performing at the Tavisrock Festival on a very wobbly stage next to a wall! As I was feeling ill I was not feeling very strong and forget how horrible it is to dance on a free standing pole! Despite the problems the three sets went well and I didn't fall off or collapse! Click here for the dance I did to Stormseeker singing 'Seven nation Army', click here for the dance I did to T-rex tribute Revolution and click here for the dance I did to The Crossings version of 'Sex on fire'.

Well, I will keep things brief today as I have loads to do before my short trip away and I am teaching tonight, more news to follow,

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

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