Friday, 11 September 2009

Tavisrock & Tombstoning.

As you may gather from the title of today's blog I two slightly different issues I want to cover. I will start with the Tavisrock festival that is just over a week a way and is set to be a fab event. it seems that I am dancing with three diffident bands; Angus (an AC/DC tribute band), The Crossing and Stormseeker. Angus will be doing a cover of one of my all time favourites "Back in black", it is the song I fell off the pole too at Miss Pole dance 2008 so let's hope I don't repeat that incident again next week! Click here to see Angus performing the song live. When I support the Crossing I will be dancing to 'Sex on fire' which will be a wonderful song to dance to and should really be a good crowd pleaser. I am waiting for confirmation of which song I will be dancing too when I dance with Storm seeker!

No doubt by the end of next Saturday I will be bruised and battered but it will be well worth it. I will be videoing my three sets and will post the videos after the event. Click here for today's Herald article on the Tavisrock Festival. Tickets can be purchased from the Wharf box office on 01822 611166. They cost £8 for adults and £6 for students. Group and family discounts are available from the organisers direct; call Ellie Hudson on 07799 808737 or email ellie@

So from Tavisrock to tombstoning! Is it just me or is tombstoning not actually as bad as everyone is making out? I know I have had this rant before but it seems that tombstoning is not only free but it keeps kids active and off the streets. It seems complete madness that Plymouth City Council have closed the Hoe diving boards; surely this just forces youngsters to use other areas that are more dangerous. I have heard that the decision to close the boards was in case someone inured themselves whilst using the diving boards and then sued the council but surely the cost to the local economy through injuries sustained away from the diving boards is just as costly? This year I have seen two rescues of the Hoe involving fire engines, abseiling equipment and ambulances. Let's face it kids are always going to jump of things and I don't think this should necessarily be discouraged, the rate of injury is actually very low when you compare it to the number of kids actually tombstoning. I hope that the recent initiative by the Police to educate youngsters actually has positive impact and results in the council finding a way to re-install some safe dive points off the Hoe.

For more feedback from the PoleDivas Bristol heats click here for professional winner Tamar's review of the night.

News to follow on healthy pet foods and kids pole dancing. Off now to teach 2 x 8 year olds the art of pole gymnastics as part of my new pole monkeys syllabus!

Stay healthy,

Sam x

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Hello. Great position. I did not expect this on a Wednesday. This is a great story. Thank you!