Wednesday, 8 April 2009

World Pole news

Already I feel like it should be Thursday or Friday yet it is only Wednesday, I have a wide variety of bruises from my neck down from trying various new moves and from teaching everyday. I must partly blame Tess aka Polelsuhes for some of my bruises as she continues to invent bizarre moves for me and others to try FAO Tess, I think I may bill you for my next sports massage! Check out Tess demonstrating the Crane - pictured left.

Nixi's dislocated knee has now been braced and will be adjusted very 2 and a half weeks meaning she will be in the brace till at least mid May and then will need recovery and physio afterwards before she can return, for those of you who have facebook there is a great video of Nixi in tesco on her mobility scooter!!

Hopefully the Lordette will be back next week to deal with her overflowing pigeon hole that I have crammed full or work for her to do!! Haha - no peace for the wicked! On the subject of evil instructors it seems both Rosanna and Tamar have the art of dance bug for beasting students so apologies to our victims, sorry I mean students, for the last week of pain and bruising but hey - No Pain No Gain! You may want to check out Tamar's blog for very cute pictures of Jipper and Jabba her 2 degus.

I am still waiting on news from the Miss Pole dance world championships currently being held in Jamaica, here is the line up:
AUSTRALIA ~Miss Pole Dance Australia 2006 & 2008 Winner - Felix~
BRASIL ~Miss Pole Dance Brasil - Marcela~
CANADA ~Miss Pole Dance Canada - Justice~
GERMANY ~Miss Pole Dance Germany 2008 Winner - Jeannine~
HUNGARY ~Miss Pole Dance Hungary 2008 - Orsi~
JAPAN ~Current World Champion - Reiko
Miss Pole Dance Japan 2008 Winner - Vanilla~
NEW ZEALAND ~Miss Pole Dance NZ - Amy Richardson~
RUSSIA ~Lena Shishkova Julia Irina~
UNITED KINGDOM ~Miss Pole Dance UK 2008 Winner - Alesia
Miss Pole Dance UK 2006 Winner - Tracey Simmonds~
UNITED STATES of AMERICA ~ Pantera, Tanya Jordan, US Pole Dance Winner 2009 - Jenyne
(see picture above right of Jenyne demonstrating 'the hangman'.)

I hope to get the results to you ASAP and am rooting for Tracey Simmonds to win!

More news to follow,

Stay healthy,

Sam x

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