Sunday, 26 April 2009

Disrupting the peace and tranquility.

Amongst the rolling hills of the beautiful Devon countryside is Pennywell Farm. Pennywell Farm is an activity centre aimed at the children's market but just as suitable for big kids too, therefore I thought that a day at Penywell would make a great team build for some of the art of dance instructors. I had pre-booked the outing with staff at Pennywell but I don't think they really knew what they were letting themselves in for!

We met up at the Plymouth studio at 11am where we met by the lovely Jerry Foale from Raffles who had a minibus awaiting. So Jo, Rosanna, Hayley, Tamar, Mia and I boarded the bus and desperately tried to contain our excitement about the planned day out. We failed miserably in our attempts to act like adults and resorted to lots of giggling and general pandemonium. On arrival we were overjoyed to see a blackboard reading welcome to the art of dance and the deputy manager Mark standing by ready to greet us. I think it was at this point that Mark realised quite how excited we all were and he quickly stopped his introductory chat and set us free on the farm.
a 4 day old piglet and its mother.

Check out this video clip if you want an idea of just how immature we can be and how much fun acting like a kid really is, Apologies of course to the real children who were present that day as we were hogging the rides and activities much to the amusement of many parents!

We have some more bits of film and piccies which I will steal of Rosanna later and post in a future blog. No doubt there will be very cute animal pictures on my instructor blogs appearing left right and centre! All in all it was a fantastic day and we hope to arrange more team builds very soon when hopefully Sue, Nixi & Kelly will be able to join us.

If you haven't already you must read Hayley's latest blog entitled 'Ouch'.

Blogs in the week will include some amazing video demonstrating extreme flexibility and strength, I will also be featuring a brilliant new school activity for children that I am tempted to have a go at myself!

Have a fab weekend,

Stay Healthy,

Sam x
picture above = an English Barn Owl


AmyTree said...
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Amelia B said...

That was a fantastic day out!!! Absolutely brilliant. :-) Nice video editing there too!

The deleted post above is mine - I was posting from a different login and forgot this was mine.


ArtofdanceJo said...

I can't stop laughing at that photo of us with our heads poking through the holes - our faces are brilliant!!!!


Glamourpuss said...

I love the bunny ears in the pic - Jo is a woman after my own heart :-)