Thursday, 23 April 2009

Jam & Jerusalem

About 6 months ago I had a call from a lovely lady called Vera who was the chair of the Fowey Women's institute, she invited me to come down to speak to several of the Cornish WI groups and I jumped at the chance. Unbeknown to me my visit was very controversial and several of the Fowey members had voiced strong opinions about my proposed visit, but the WI vote with the majority so my visit was confirmed.

Jo and I set off for for the beautiful seaside town of Fowey at about 3.30pm (after a traumatic morning which I will blog about later), I hadn't checked the directions as I thought I knew where I was going, one slight wrong turn and I found myself driving through Fowey town centre where the maximum road width is 6ft 6 inches and my van is 6 ft 5! Jo would have offered some words of support if she could have stopped laughing. I eventually freed the van from the town centre and found our way to
Fowey Community College.

After setting up the stage we had about 45 minutes spare to eat in Fowey and we stumbled across a fabulous restaurant called Sam's, Jo (see picture above left) and I had the most amazing home made fish soup and some delicous shell on prawns, if you are ever in Fowey I can highly recommend this palce. After eating it was time to venture back to meet the WI ladies.
The meeting started at 7am with the signing of Jerusalem and the reading of the minutes of the last meeting, this was followed by a short speech from a WI member and the judging of the craft and cookery competitions and then it was us! Here are some links to videos of our demo and speech:
Demo part 1, Demo part 2, Demo part 3, Demo part 4, Demo part 5.

It is a real shame that the battery on the video camera died when it did as I did not get to film any of the ladies who got up and had a go at pole dancing, we had 4 volunteers all of whom worked hard to try some basic tricks and spins, one lady said she was already addicted and didn't want to get down of the stage, she also commented that she would worry about going upside down in case her teeth fell out.
To be honest the videos tell the story of what was a fantastic evening where we were warmly received and where we managed to change a few peoples perceptions of pole dancing. I really must thank Vera for not only having the guts to book us but for sticking by her decision and making sure we able to attend.

Enough blogging for now as I have a few things I want to share with you so may bombard you with blogs over the weekend! Also I have just had a much needed
sports massage with the fantastic Tracey Mitchell so am looking forward to my night off with my dressing gown and some big fluffy socks sat outside watching the 2 new additions to my aviary: Charles & Camilla arrived today from Woodside via the lovely Julie, I hope that Charles & Camilla will be very happy in their new home.

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

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