Sunday, 5 April 2009

Sunday update

As the week draws to a close I am facing Monday with mixed emotions, I am still a little gutted by the events of last week, firstly the theft from reception which actually ended up being a little worse than I thought as the theif had taken the entire float which added another £40 to the total nicked. The news that Kim had taken a turn for the worst and was back on oxygen and IV's, the news that my business rates and utility bills had risen again! The fact that my menstrual problems have just taken a real turn for the worse and I fear that a hospital visit may be in the offing.

Despite the negative incidents there is a lot of positive stuff going on in my life and therefore I should remain motivated rather than dwelling on the less good things. So just when I was sat in the sunshine of my backyard enjoying the company of my birds I had a call from Nixi, poor Nixi has just been on field trip with Plymouth University as part of her course but during the trip she fell and dislocated her knee. I will know more after Nixi has visited the fracture clinic but at present her whole leg is plastered and she definitely wont be teaching this Friday and I doubt that she will be back on form in time for the birthday bash - Get Well Soon Nixi x

Don't worry though this blog is not all doom and gloom, Great news from the London Burlesque Festival as Miss Glory Pearl aka Glamour Puss attained third place in the amateur Burlesque competition, what is even better is that Miss Glory Pearl should be performing as a guest as part of our pending birthday ball. Congratulations to Puss and look forward to catching up soon.

You may have noticed a new useful link on my links section, the link is to the new blog from Disabled Kevin? and provides some interesting reading, Good Luck with the blog Kevin and say hi to Kasia from me.

Pole practice news comes in the form of two very nasty bruises that I managed to gain whilst practising with Hayley and Rosanna on Friday, one of the new moves we are trying involves holding onto the pole mainly with your stomach and that has resulted in a big black mark under my belly button. The other new move which I can't even begin to explain (see picture) has given me a black elbow and some swelling just above the elbow joint but I am determined to try it again on Monday. Thanks (I think!) to Bridget for the picture.

On the subject of the pole it seems that for the 2nd year running I have been excluded from the University of Plymouth Dance, Dance, Dance event, I had been excluded last year after someone had suggested that pole dancing would not be appropriate for the show.... I am getting deja vu already! OK so you may be thinking that it is not my automatic right to be included in very single dance event that happens in the city but to be specifically excluded from an event that promotes social inclusion really winds me up, check out this quote from the organiser Dr Sanjay Sharma, who lectures in the School of Engineering at the University of Plymouth, he said: "Through tolerance and open-mindedness, our society becomes richer and more humane. Dancers don't require a language – everyone likes dance and so the audience can come together to enjoy the colour and the costumes." Once again acts such as Belly dance and Salsa are considered family friendly but pole dancing is not, shame on the organisers for failing to promote tolerance and open-mindedness as claimed!

Anway I didn't want to end today's blog on a negative note so will leave you with this wonderful news, all our MP's have decided to refuse their pay rises, stop claiming such ridiculous expenses and act in our best interests, OK so I am lying but wouldn't it be nice if it were true! I found a site called they work for you which has published all the expenses and other relevant information about each MP, check out the info on my very own MP Linda Gilroy, no wonder she is featured on the Plymouth shame on you site.

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

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