Wednesday, 1 April 2009

The Rollercoaster

After such a great night on Sunday at the Saints and Taurus kick boxing show at Marjon I was actually looking forward to the start of my working week. My ring girls had done me proud at the show so thanks to Sophie and Josie for representing the art of dance, you both looked fab.

Monday went well and things were looking up with extra bookings and an increase in general enquiries but then someone had to ruin so thank you to the ******* who robbed our till at our Plymouth reception last night, you have not only taken cash from a very small business who is struggling to keep it's head above water but you have also caused great distress to a member of staff and to the entire team at the art of dance.

I was just dealing with the shock of the theft when I caught a local heroin addict breaking the lock to the cigarette bin outside my premises so there's another £20 down the drain, then add to that the cost of the extra security I have been advised to install and I have worked the entire week for nothing and am now more behind than I thought.

The police are dealing with both incidences but the whole situation has left me with a sick feeling in my stomach. Poor Tamar also lost sleep last night after the incident.

When I do feel such anger I like to use it to make something positive happen so I decided to chase Linda Gilroy by phone for not answering previous correspondence sent to her on February 27th and then sent again on March 27th. I am still awaiting a response and will let you know how she answer my questions on her voting for secrecy on her expenses and for her supporting new legislation on 'pole dancing' that could involve me having to get a license to state that I am a sex worker, the legislation may also restrict my write to distribute promotional material featuring pictures of pole dancers!!!!!

Obviously the world has gone completely mad so on that note I will stop blogging, try to calm myself down and have a nice cup of tea in the sunshine!

Stay Healthy

Sam x

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