Friday, 23 March 2012

Pole Dancing is an art form

My last blog was about prejudice towards fitness pole dancers and I was hoping to blog about a different topic today, that was until I received a phone from Plymouth Dance explaining why I wasn't listed on their website. Here is a copy of the letter I have just sent to them:

"I am writing in reference to your decision not to promote my fitness pole dancing classes via the Plymouth Dance website. I am deeply disappointed that my art is not recognised by your organisation and I feel that your decision not to promote my classes simply reinforces the negative stereotypes I have been fighting since 2004.

Whilst I do not deny that fitness pole dancing has some origins linked to strip clubs and exotic dancing, fitness pole dancing is completely different to the dancing that takes place in clubs as a pre-cursor to a sexual act. I would argue that Belly Dancing has far more inappropriate origins yet you are happy to promote that as an activity on your website. We teach a mixture of different pole dancing techniques including aspects of Chinese Pole and Mallakhamb. Our classes start with a warm up followed by some high impact pole dancing, strength training and then a cool down focusing on improving the flexibility of our students.

Modern fitness pole dancing is a cross between dance and gymnastics and to pole dance at a professional level takes extreme strength and flexibility. We use pole dancing as a way to boost the mental and physical health of our students. We teach both males and females from 12 years and over.

I wonder if you have seen the recent Sky Got To Dance series where a pole dancer reached the semi-finals of the competition demonstrating the modern fitness phenomenon of pole dancing and its incredible athleticism.

Would you be interested in visiting my studio and watching a lesson so that you can make an informed choice about my dance form?

I am more than happy to discuss any concerns that you may have to try to alleviate any misconceptions. Please take the time to consider your response as this is a subject that I am passionate about and I am finding it increasingly difficult to deal with the extreme prejudice I am facing from many organisations and individuals

I will let you know what response I get and hope that in the meantime you enjoy my beautiful new pictures courtesy of the lovely Tamar Preston. To see all our new and old images just visit the
Art of Dance Gallery.

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

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