Thursday, 5 May 2011

The Death of Osama Bin Laden

Am I one of the few people who was not happy to hear about the Death of Osama Bin Laden? I am not saying I was personally upset but I was horrified to see images of a carnival atmosphere in New York. Whatever this man is guilty of, or not, I believed we lived in a civilised society where the forces would have done everything they could do catch Osama alive and bring him to trial. By killing the man and then celebrating his death surely we have lowered ourselves to the same standards as the extremists working for Al Quaeda.

It seems, for me, the the death of Osama is just another tragedy in the long line of violence associated with war in the middle east and the greedy fight for oil, power and money and if those caught up in the conflict are now happy to be killing each other then the future looks bleak.

Whatever your thoughts on Osama Bin Laden, this man like the rest of us had friends and family who now have to watch the world celebrating the death of their loved one and now that he will not face trial we will never know the truth about his alleged atrocities. It is a sad week for justice.

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Sam x

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Thorpie said...

I was happy to hear of it but in the sense that his death may bring closure to the families who have suffered from his (and his followers') terrorism.
I imagine that those people acknowledged it in a more humble way.

The others....well i'm sure their parties will seem rightly unjustified and foolish when they realise Bin Laden's death does not end the unfortunate violence between our lands.