Sunday, 9 January 2011

Back on the pole!

So after a lovely Xmas break I am back on the pole. Lessons started last Tuesday and it has been lovely to see so many students, old and new, back in the studio.  Yesterday's 2 hour pole jam was a bit of a shock to the system and proved just how out of shape I was after the Xmas break, luckily I didn't overdo it and today I have that lovely feeling of burn throughout each muscle fibre, everything is tender to touch without being overly painful, it is what I call nice pain.I am sure some of my students and inductees will be sharing the pole burn today :)

I have a list of moves that I am determined to perfect within the next 2 months and no doubt once that list is achieved there will already be a new list waiting to be fulfilled. I am hoping that my training will be aided by a new piece of equipment that made its way into the art of dance studio yesterday; 2 aerial hoops! Resident Burlesque artiste Kitty Kane and her trainer, Helen, rigged the 2 hoops up yesterday and our cross training sessions commence next week with us sharing our skills and, no doubt sharing bruises too.

picture left courtesy of circus performers using an aerial hoop.

As well as training in Plymouth I have several exciting activities booked up over the next 6 weeks starting with a jam at PDC approved Emily's Pole Fitness in Swindon next Saturday, swimming with my Mum on Sunday, PDC approved Spin City's pole jam in Exeter on Sunday 23rd and a pole jam with former world champion and owner of PDC approved Pole Dancing School Elena Gibson (pictured right) in London on February 11th. So hopefully I will be fitter, stronger and more flexible very soon.

picture right courtesy of Daylight studios.
Aside from training I am looking forward to our burlesque social this Wednesday 12th January. The joint social between our very own Burlesque Belles and Kitty's Dolls is open to anyone so if you want to join us simply turn up just before 7pm at the Thistle Park Tavern, Coxside where will be having a drink before the 7.40pm showing of 'Burlesque'. It would be lovely to see some of you there.

The Burlesque social is a perfect pre-cursor to our weekly burlesque lessons that commence on Wednesday 19th January at 7.30pm and cost £8 for drop-ins and £6 for member (just £24 per month). Click here to book a place.

So more news to follow very soon, I do have some very exciting news that I should be able to divulge next week, fingers and toes crossed!

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

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