Thursday, 29 April 2010

Pre-election mania!

I am so sorry for neglecting my pole star blog but I have been forced to focus on my election campaign especially after some slander from another political party who have been telling people not to vote for me as I am a lap dancer, no offence to those who are lap dancers but that is not my job description! Check out my pre-election blog -

As soon as the election is over I will update you on all the exciting news from the art of dance and pole dance community.

Don't forget that this Saturday is UK Pole Dance Day, click here to see the fabulous line up of national events including our open session at the art of dance in Plymouth.

More to follow including our art of dance pole dance demonstration for Lord Mayor's Day 2010!

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

p.s. apologies for the formatting problems in this blog, have no idea why the text is not behaving itself!

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