Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Online competition & more....

Before I announce news of a fabulous new online pole dancing competition I must mention recent controversy surrounding the Ame Du Pole Production and the Northern Ireland tourist board, Ame Du pole is the brainchild of Elionior of Polercise in Belfast, the initial show was a sell out and the show now has plans to tour. The show traces the history and soul of pole dancing from Mallakhamb to Chinese pole to modern day pole dancing and features dancers and producers with over 25 years experience.

The Northern Ireland tourist board were contacted regarding further promotion of the planned tour but the tourist board responded by saying they could not advertise "that type of event", they then refused to elaborate on exactly what they meant by "that type of event". The promoters of the show appeared on BBC Radio this morning to discuss the decision by the tourist board. Watch this space for more news and discussion.

Nicer news comes in the form of the Pole dance Community websites new online photo competition. The PDC is looking for the most unusual pole dancing picture and want to see people pole dancing in obscure places, see the first entry above from the lovely Hayley Silk, the photo was taken on a catamaran in Lanzarote! The winner, who will be voted for by PDC members, of the competition gets a free pair of Nomis Gloves. The competition is only open to registered members but registration is free. To enter simply log onto the competition and scroll down to upload your picture.

Blog to follow on last weeks Women's Health Fair......

Stay Healthy,

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