Thursday, 10 January 2008

Vote for Christi!

Our resident Saints fighter, Christi Campbell has been nominated for several prestigious awards by Muay Thai online. Christi and her trainer Sid have worked hard to get Christi up through the rankings and Sid has enabled some great match ups for Christi to prove her ability as a talented Muay Thai fighter.

To vote for Christi please click on the following links.
Best British female fighter of the year
Best underdog performance of the year (for her fight against Ruth Ashdown)
Best British Newcomer

Let's hope Christi gets the recognition she deserves.

The new studio should be up and running on Monday - full details and pictures to follow. I will also be blogging about the controversial new Plymouth Life Centre and providing you with some useful websites to give you the best fitness advice to keep you in shape, here is one website to keep you going, it is the BBC's fitness advice website.

For those of you following the progress of Catt Wakely the latest news is that the doctors have reduced her dose of sedatives whilst continuing to monitor her progress, Catt has been crying since the sedative reduction which is actually perceived as a good sign, she is still categorised as critical but is on her way to making her first steps towards recovery. I wish her a full and speedy recovery and am thinking of all her family and friends at this very difficult time.

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

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