Saturday, 26 January 2008

The Anthony Nolan Trust & nasty exercise balls.

Before I discuss this years chosen charity I must first mention my unintentional exercise ball workout incident that occurred yesterday morning. I had had the bright idea that an exercise ball would make a great chair for our new reception. I had gone out and purchased the aforementioned ball and then set out about inflating it. Now the picture shown left is slightly misleading as it shows an average size pump but the ball I purchased came with a pump the size of a small mouse. I could probably have blown the ball up more quickly using wind produced from my bottom.

After 15 minutes of inflating the ball was far from fully inflated yet the pump had developed a hole and air was now leaking out of it so with the ball in one hand and the pump in the other I used my tongue to plug the whole and carried on inflating. I must have looked very silly. To cut a very long story short I now feel like I have just done my first pole dance lesson, my back aches, my wrists hurt and and I have cancelled my planned pole jam. I am sure that the exercise ball will be a great source of exercise in the future but yesterdays experience was less enjoyable.

Back to the topic of today's blog - Our chosen charity. Each year the art of dance chooses a selected charity to raise money and awareness for. This year we have chosen the Anthony Nolan Trust the trust are responsible for the bone marrow donor register and they help those affected by Leukemia. As I child I remember my uncle dying of bone marrow leukemia and this year Jo's husband was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphatic leukemia so we thought that the trust would be a good charity to support. I will keep you updated on any fundraising events that we are doing.

Tomorrow I have the pleasure of being invited onto BBC Radio Devon to discuss my recent problems with Plymouth University and their dance dance dance event. I will be on air at 8.15am with the lovely Gordon Sparks. More media news to follow.

Stay healthy and avoid inflating exercise balls.

Sam x


AmyTree said...

Ahh, mental pictures aplenty in that post! You crack me up... How did the radio thing go??

Glamourpuss said...

Good luck with the radio interview - don't mention the 'f' word...



Anonymous said...
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