Monday, 7 January 2008

Don't take your health for granted

Over the xmas period I have received several very unexpected pieces of bad news about some of my friends, the first bad phone call happened when Rosanna called me to say that Catt pictured right had suffered a blood clot on the lung (thromboembolism) and was in intensive care. At first I thought i was dreaming as Catt is only 23 and is a dance instructor who seems to be generally fit and healthy, we tend to associate things like blood clots with those with unhealthy lifestyles. Unfortunately Catt is still in intensive care awaiting a major op, she is responding to sound and seems to have some reflexes. Catt is greatly respected within the pole dancing industry so I hope she gets well soon, for any of you who know her and want to wish her well please click here.

Within 24 hours of the news about Catt one of my best friends Chris Passmore, a local businessman who has stood by me in difficult times and has always been a great friend, was rushed into hospital with kidney failure, dehydration and pneumonia. Chris had only been with me the day before as he was helping me with my refurb. He is responding well to treatment and just needs to look after himself to fully recover.

My point is that life is never certain, you really must make the most of each moment as you don't know what is around the corner. For Chris & Catt they may have been lucky but for others this is not the case. Life has to be a balance of health and happiness, Making the most of each day without killing yourself, looking after yourself well enough that if you do make it to see another day then you can still enjoy it.

I was going to start writing a healthy tip of the day but I will stick to my overall health advice:
Drink lots of fluids

Reduce your intake of toxins such as caffeine
Increase your intake of antioxidants - green vegetables are usually a good source and things like green tea are packed full of them
Eat little and often rather than gorging yourself
Eat more slowly - most of us eat too quickly which is not good for us
Exercise at least three times a week -find exercise that you enjoy
Get some fresh air- get out by the sea or on the moors away from pollutants

Lastly if any of you are unlucky enough to be suffering from the current strain of Norovirus then click here for advice and stay away from my dance studio!

Stay Healthy,

Sam x


Glamourpuss said...

Right, I'm going for a check up...

Seriously - awful news. Sending healing vibes to all.


AmyTree said...

Good grief!! Poor, lovely young people... I don't know Catt but I certainly know OF her - someone younger then me collapsing is quite a kick up the backside, I can tell you that (because I still think I'm 17, really...). And Chris - wasn't he just absolutely fine, telling me that he didn't want another cuppa?? Jeez... Warm thoughts and peaceful wishes.