Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Flexibility and other stuff.

Well the new studio is finally up and running and is fabulous - videos and other news to follow.

Although I never make any specific new years resolutions I have decided that I need to improve my flexibility levels, working on my flexibility now should help me in later life and will enhance my current repertoire of pole moves. I have been inspired by a lady called Elena Lev who is a performer with Cirque du Soleil - click here to watch one of her amazing performances. For more advice on flexibility and the importance of stretching why not visit the Georgia State uni website - it is a great source of info.
Also thanks to former world pole champion Elena Gibson - pictured above for the beautiful picture of her performing the inverted splits.

I have just two months to polish some performances ready for a few upcoming events, the first being Womens Health Fair which will be held on 6th march 2008, this is a great event and it will be the 3rd year that I have been involved. As well as our pole dancing displays there is plenty of other stuff to tempt you in including belly dancing workshops and a free bra measuring service. The event is always great to attend and whats more it is free, unfortunately it is only open to women so no men allowed!

The next event is the Dance Dance Dance event being held at the new Roland Levinsky building at Plymouth University. The event has been organised by Dr Sanjay Sharma to "create a cultural link between between the wide variety of local people, students and staff from different ethnic backgrounds to promote racial and cultural harmony in the campus and in the city of Plymouth. As through dance group unity is achieved, social bonds are strengthened, and worries and irritations have been erased or at least put into perspective". I will be performing alongside belly dancers and Morris dancers amongst others. To purchase tickets please click on the previous link. Tickets cost £4 each.

My husband has provided some input into my blog by drawing my attention to one of his favourite food sources the bacon sandwich! Click here to learn more about the ultimate bacon sarnie! I am not suggesting that you try the ultimate bacon sarnie yourself!

More inane rantings and news to follow,

Stay healthy,

Sam x

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Glamourpuss said...

That sandwich looks revolting...

Excellent news re the studio - you must be elated! Well done!

Puss x