Monday, 20 September 2010

Unite Street Festival

Just a quick blog today to update you on yesterday's fabulous Unite Street Festival where Rosanna, Tamar and I pole danced to a public audience in Plymouth's Union Street. The event was organised by the Stonehouse action group and was designed to allow local residents to integrate and create greater bonds.

We were not sure how the audience would be and so were delighted when the large crowd smiled and cheered throughout our performances. As usual, our very wobbly podium stage made seemingly easy pole dance moves seems horrendously difficult, it feels like the stage is possessed by the devil and is just waiting to throw you off. Despite the constant fear we managed to squeeze in a few smiles and only lost a small amount of skin during our 2 performances.

Here are the 2 videos our our sets. I think we actually pulled of some great moves despite the dangerous pole and the cold wind!

I would like to thanks Soraya and Wendy from the Stonehouse Action group for inviting us to perform at thier event, we are already looking forward to next year.

I will blog again soon with feedback from the national Protest the Pope campaign that saw over 20,000 descend on London and also involved a successful Plymouth demo by the Plymouth Humanists yesterday outside the Catholic Cathedral. I will also update you on a few upcoming events including the Tavisrock Festival, Macmillan Charity night at Carpe Diem, Ladies night at Tenpin bowling and the St Luke's Hospice Memory mile.

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

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