Sunday, 12 September 2010

Unhealthy Tsar!

I have to admit that I have neglected my own personal training somewhat and I am really looking forward to getting back on the pole for some serious beasting. Despite many hours of teaching which has kept my fitness from deteriorating, I have hardly pushed myself and need to perfect a few new moves before I will be satisfied with my pole dancing progress. Luckily the pending performances have given me a much needed excuse to get myself back on the pole and I can't wait for an hour of pole practice at 5pm on Monday with fellow instructor Rosanna and Tamar as we rehearse our routine for the Stonehouse Action Day to be held next Sunday 19th September. Click here for more details on the fun packed family day out. Let's hope the sun shines for our routine.

My fitness has hardly been aided by a dangerous discovery that occurred last weekend when my husband and I decided to order pizza. We rarely order takeaways as we are usually disappointed by the resulting food and the price tag that accompanies it, however, my husband forged ahead and found a small pizza company that made some amazing promises. Here is the statement direct from their website - "Here at `Aroma Woodfired Pizza` we are fanatical when it comes to creating and cooking the most authentic and delicious perfect Italian pizza takeaway. Our Pizzas are cooked in the traditional Italian way, directly on the stone floor of our wood fired oven, to make them the most succulent tasting pizzas in Plymouth. Come in and taste our pizzas and you’ll understand, why in over a 1000 years, wood fire cooked Pizzas are so superior in flavour. Our Pizza sauce is home made with tomatoes and herbs, free from preservatives, or `E` numbers and our traditional cooking method eliminates the need for excessive oil when cooking, making them not only taste fantastic but healthier too. Our pizza dough is freshly made on our premises from specially selected flour and `extra virgin Olive oil`. Our Tomato Puree is freshly made and not out of a container like many pizza takeaways."

The Pizza was absolutely gorgeous and was probably the nicest pizza I have ever eaten in my life. We paid just £15 for 2 extra large pizzas and £1 for delivery. I am not trying to encourage you all to go out and consume fast food but if you are going to eat pizza then this shop is highly recommended and has to be a healthier option than the franchised pizza stores. Click here for the aroma wood fired website. N.B. normally I would have taken a picture of the pizza to share with you but unfortunately I got carried away with eating it!

Well after last weekends indulgence the menu at the Remmer household needs to be a lot healthier this week so we are off to the Tamar Harvest at the stunning Cothele Quay to stock up on healthy local produce to refuel my body ready for some serious pole dance training. 

Stay Healthy (despite the indulgent pizza recommendation!)

Sam x

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