Saturday, 28 February 2009

Vestival 2009

Today Jo, Rosanna & Hayley went to the Vestival on the Piazza in Plymouth City Centre, it was not as warm as we would have wanted it to be but we braved the cold and assembled the podium pole dancing stage ready for our 6 performances. I went up first and you can see my 2 performances below. It is far from my best as the cold made it impossible to warm up in the time allowed so my muscles felt weak and the pole felt even colder so was much less sticky than I hoped it would be! All in all it was a good event and it attracted some good attention apart from one sad individual who took it upon himself to have a go at Jo. A huge thanks to Rosanna & Hayley for performing so beautifully, Jo deserved a medal for braving the abuse and being a great PR person. Thanks to Nixi and to all the students who turned up to support us. Thanks also to Tamsin from Jelly frog who booked us in the first place. We had a big thumbs up from the lovely Lady Mayoress who gave me a big hug after my performance.
Lastly Get Well Soon to Tamar who has spent the last 2 days in bed and therefore was unable to perform today. Check out Hayley's and Rosanna's blogs for their videos from the event.

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

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Art of dance Hayley said...

I was watching your performance & counting all the things I still can't do on the pole and ended up with quite a list! especially the splits, cradle to invert on the pole and an amazingly controlled shouldermount with no jump! Very Inspiring! I thought you were great as usual Sam, strong and graceful! The odds were against us but we did our best, and you are the best!! Thanks for the opportunity to perform, I really enjoyed it! Even on that uber wobbly pole!!