Sunday, 15 February 2009

The Masquerade ball and the missing kakariki

Last night , Jo Sue & I performed at the Masquerade ball at the officers mess in Stonehouse, Plymouth to help raise money for the Help the heroes charity. We opened the show with a 13 minute pole and burlesque showcase starting with a slow walk down the lavish stairs into the reception area where Sue performed her classic black velvet routine, Sue looked amazing as always. Jo and I followed with a pole-off Argentinian tango style. I was really pleased with the overall show but disappointed with the quality of the video, so apologies for the darkness and dodgy camera angles! Check out Sue's blog for the entrance and burlesque act and see the video below for Jo and me pole dancing:

It is worth mentioning that last nights venue would be perfect for our pending birthday bash and I intend to chase things up next week to see if it is possible to hire.......

On Thursday morning one of my birds managed to escape from my aviary, he was a beautiful kakariki (see picture below). It is unlikely that he is still alive unless someone has found him and despite an extensive search, a letter drop to local neighbours and calls to woodside animal sanctuary I have failed to locate him, my husband and I are gutted.

Bizarrely enough I had a phone call on Friday morning from a neighbour stating that they had found a bright yellow bird in their back garden, I was really excited about the prospect of getting the little bird back but met with disappointment on arrival to see a small canary sat in a cage. On closer inspection of the canary it turned out to be our art of dance photographer Chris Trent who had been at work so did not now that his bird was missing. The neighbour who had discovered the bird had already become quite attached to it and so Chris decided that he could keep it. So a happy ending for the canary but a less happy ending for the kakariki.

Stay Healthy,

Sam x


AmyTree said...

That was brilliant!!!! I love the group-act concept and the tag-team was great but you MUST sack your cameraman. Seriously. said...

Yes, the cameraman did apologise for his filming. it would be great if we can hire this venue for our birthday bash, lots more to tell you too!! Sam x