Sunday, 22 February 2009

Lazy Sunday

Warning: Today's blog may be a long one as so much has been happening both at the art of dance and at home. I thought I would start with this lovely picture of Levi - see above. Levi is one of my 22 rescued cockatiels and he likes a cuddle before he is fed in the morning. Levi has settled in with the other 8 new arrivals and once again the colony is happy and content, the lucky birds even have some new nest boxes courtesy of my dad. The recent signs of spring have definitely cheered the birds up and as I write they are basking in the February sunshine.

I also wanted to share a few pictures from the recent winter snow showers, it is very unusual for us to get snow in Plymouth so my husband and I couldn't resist the opportunity to nip up to Sheepstor to build the obligatory snowman and then venture to a lovely old pub for a traditional pint. Above you can see the gorgeous view across Sheepstor looking onto Burrator Reservoir, click here for the BBC's fantastic 360 degree panoramic view of this beautiful spot on Dartmoor. Below you can see my rather pathetic attempt at snowman building or perhaps it could be a snow amoeba?

After the brief bit of snow indulgence Sid & I drove to the fantastic 13th Century pub at Meavy, The Royal Oak. The Royal Oak is a family run pub in the heart of the tiny Dartmoor village of Meavy, not only do they do amazing real ales from local breweries but they also serve great locally sourced food and they sell fresh free range eggs. We bought a dozen for only £1.60! There are many more lovely snow pictures and other local images on the new I-Herald site.

Back to news from the art of dance, despite the recession we are still keeping our heads above water and all 4 venues are getting busier. Rosanna's Exeter pole dancing classes have been full to the brim, Kelly's Torquay pole classes are filling up fast and Hayley's Liskeard pole classes have also started to fill. Nixi has had a quieter week with the University of Plymouth pole dancing club due to exams and coursework - hope the workload eases soon for all the students! The Plymouth studio is ticking over but has plenty of spaces left, next week sees the return of Nixi's flexibility classes, these are great for improving your overall bendiness and will help you work towards moves such as the splits and box splits. Anyone can join these classes and they are a great asset for pole dancers who want to improve their flexibility. Classes cost £7 each and can be booked online here.

Next Saturday Rosanna, Tamar & I will be performing in the Piazza in Plymouth City Centre between 12:40 and 13:20 as part of the Vestival (Volunteering Festival). It will be interesting to see how the three of us cope with the intense 40 minute performance and I expect us to emerge bruised and battered after our performances. If you are local to Plymouth please come and along and support us and the other acts that are performing throughout the day.

After the Vestival performance I have the pleasure of teaching a group of girls from the youth group in Cornwall for Jess's 16th birthday celebrations. I have spent the last 2 Friday evenings teaching the members of the youth service and they have worked extremely hard through both sessions. Unfortunately, due to lack of support from Lux Park Leisure centre, the service is relocating to Looe. The decision to move the service is a great loss for the girls in Liskeard who will only be able to access the service by bus at a considerable extra cost to the service itself. I am hoping to negotiate with Lux Park to ensure that the girls can continue to access the pole dancing classes in Liskeard and will kep you posted on developments.

I hope to have a definite date for my pending BBC3 documentary that is part of the Bold Britain series, it may be shown on Thursday 5th March but I will let you know for definite nearer the time.

Lastly news on TV shopping, Sid & I decided the time had come to replace my antique TV despite my feelings that the TV may have another 10 years left in it! My Mum also needed a replacement for her outdated portable so off we ventured to Richer Sounds to chat to the great acting manager Tony about the latest deals and best buys. I love Richer Sounds as the service is so friendly and it makes a refreshing change from the larger more impersonal stores. Hopefully we are all now ready for the impending digital switchover. Here is my Mum and Sid enjoying the retail therapy!On the subject of my Mum, we will both be starting our new aerobics workout as of Tuesday 3rd Feb, we both need the extra cardio boost and it should really help with my pole practice as well as providing health benefits for both my Mum & I.

To finish I have to have a whinge about recent news surrounding Jack Tweed, Jade Goody's husband for those of you who may not have seen recent news! Whilst I think it is wonderful that Jade is improving awareness of cervical cancer and is encouraging more youngsters to get screened I am appalled at the decision by the Home Office to overturn Jack's curfew and I think it makes a mockery of our justice system, especially when you consider the nature of the crime, it was a violent crime involving Jack using a golf club to repeatedly hit a 16 year old boy. Regardless of what the 16 year old had done to warrant such an attack I cannot condone such a level of violence and I wonder what message the lifting of the curfew sets out to the younger generation?

Anyway, it must be time to enjoy the rest of my day off, I hope you have a great weekend!

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

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