Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Random Silliness

I am not usually a very festive person but for some reason this year I am feeling much less scrooge-like than normal. I have even downloaded a Xmas playlist  full of some old classics as well as some new tracks including the slightly filthy 'Christmas tree' by Lady Gaga.

As you can see from the picture (left) my students have had to endure my Xmas happiness as well as some very silly Xmas session plans. The picture was taken during last nights 6.15pm class where we tried to create a human Xmas tree made of pole dancers, we played Musical poles (video to follow very soon!) and we got so many students spinning on one pole that the pole nearly unscrewed itself! The Xmas fun continues tonight! (Students pictured are, from the top, Sara, Steph, Sarah, Aimee & Noni.)

I, like many people, am finding it hard to stay motivated at work, it is my last offical day in the office before Xmas and I seem to find myself neglecting my admin and opting to spend time on Twitter and Facebook instead. I am sure that my motivation will return with avengance in 2010!

I will get the student xmas videos uploaded in the next 2 days and hope to get the photos back from the St Luke's Xmas Disco too.

Before I sign off for today you may be interested in having a little flutter on local diving sensation Tom Daley, the bet asks how many times will Tom feature in the Herald on the 2nd January 2010? Click here to find out more.

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

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Curly's Deals said...

yougirls are very cute. I would love to get a pic for my blog.