Monday, 14 December 2009

Pole Dance Bet 2 and St Luke's Xmas disco!

Apparently I have just undertaken another pole dancing bet without even knowing. My lovely husband has decided that I need some more pole dancing endurance training and has placed another bet on how many times I can climb the pole in 60 seconds. If you didn't see the last challenge click here to see my madness! My last attempt was 14 climbs in 60 seconds but I didn't pace myself so I hope that if I do pace myself I might actually exceed 14 climbs. The problem is that I have started celebrating Xmas early and have had a little more beer than the recommended drinking guidelines which may hinder my performance. So if I do less than 14 climbs you can blame St. Austell Brewery! Click here to see the bet! I will be doing the challenge at 5pm on Tuesday 22nd December at my Plymouth studio if anyone fancies coming along to watch?

Another bet worth a punt is the proposed Jean Claude Van Damme fight, will Van Damme get his butt kicked by a Thai boxing champion? Should be a fight worth watching! Also you can bet on talented local sprinter Katherine Endacott and her bid to get to the World Indoor trials, click here for the Herald story. Go Katherine!! 

The massive St Luke's Hospice Xmas disco is nearly upon us. This coming Thursday 17th December will see me performing alongside some great acts at Oceana in Plymouth - here is a list of acts:

Triple Soul are introducing their new female singer for her debut - Triple Soul will be playing Soul, Motown and the like,  Karen G is singing some Christmas songs to warm you all up and Harry Lea will be driving you onto the floor with his Blues Brothers and Wham!   Jack Bryce a superb Plymouth based Magician will be wandering the tables performing some mind boggling close up magic.

In the Disco at 8pm:
The Plymouth Calendar Girls shaking their booties and having some party fun plus you can buy their lovely new calendar as a stocking stuffer! The TJs will be performing Thriller, Saturday Night Fever and a couple of surprise dances - watch out for their spectacular costumes!
Sam Remmer from the Art of Dance will be stunning us with some class Pole Dancing (that's me!)
Karen Mills (World Famous!) will be letting fantasies begin (no no calm down) with her fantastic Body Art and Extreme  Body Painting
Magician Jack Bryce will be popping up everywhere so be careful what you have in your ears that you didn't know about
Del Boy is to be confirmed !

DJs!  Playing music from the 70s and 80s - Motown, Disco, Soul, Funk and Party Classics:
Organiser and Ex Fiesta, Academy, Monroe's, Top Rank, Barbarella's + the hellholes and dens of iniquity of Norway ;) and 15 years in California = DJ Wavy Davy (aka David Saunders or Symons) first ever sober job in Plymouth and just as wild!
DJ Ian "Calvie" Calvert (BBC Radio Devon, 261 Plymouth Sound and TSW) with DJ Skanking Dazza Cox
DJ Rob Storey (ex Fiesta, Snobs, Circus Tavern and Monroes)
DJ Peter Gunn (Devonair and loads of work with the Cavitron Trust)
DJ Ringo (One of Plymouth's original DJs - if not one of the first!)
DJ Dave Jordan (Caroline Roadshow)
DJ Roger (Jack Daniels Please) Lee (Fiesta, Snobs and almost everywhere in town) Win his original 70s silver platform boots
DJ Johnnie Vee (Everywhere in town that would have him ;) )
DJ Johnno (Plymouth Calendar Girl and professional Blagger Lucy Johnson) doing text shout outs and generally getting everyone moving
DJ Missus Motown (Wavy Davy's Old Girl from Detroit, Michigan YAY)
Lorna Baker (professional Can Can Dancer) LOL
Dom Moore will be the official event photographer
Birdman confirmed he is appearing today so we have emailed Christopher Biggins and told him sorry he can only do about 10 minutes we have BIRDMAN!

Click here to buy your tickets or get more information.

More news to follow.....

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

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