Friday, 4 December 2009

Bed Pushing & Burlesque

Just a short blog today to update you on the latest news:

Firstly a quick mention for yesterdays bed push which went very well despite the ferocious freezing wind! There were a few narrow minded abusive comments directed towards us volunteers but the majority of shoppers restored my faith in humanity! I hope we raised lots of money for the Eddystone Trust as well as raising much needed awareness of HIV and Aids. Click here for the Herald Article on the bed push.

Next, onto last nights Amateur Burlesque performances at Annabel's Cabaret by two our Burlesque students Delicious Delilah and Miss Purr-dy. Both ladies did the art of dance proud with their beautiful dispalys. We started with Delilah's enchanting belly dance based piece to 'Trust in me' from the Jungle Book and then we were delighted by the Gorgeous Miss Purr-dy as she performed a classic Burlesque piece to 'Need to be Loved'.  Both ladies will be performing again at our next Amateur night in February 2010 although judging by their performances last night they look more like professionals.  If you or anyone you know wants to join our next Burlesque course or try our January taster session just click here for details. A big thanks to our professional Burlesque Babes Miss Georgina Gale and Miss Amelia B for being such great teachers and for ensuring the night ran smoothly.

A quick bit of thanks to my lovely husband for the divine fish pie he made me last night that I am currently munching!  The phallic pastry shape adorning the pie made it even more delightful! 

Must quickly mention Max , the new addition to my aviary, and the rest of my menagerie. Max is settling in well and he took food from my hand for the first time this morning. For a cockatiel he is a very large male so he shouldn't have to worry about being bullied by the others! The Quail seem to be getting on OK despite some fighting during the summer months, perhaps they have been pacified by their daily treat of live mealworms (see picture left)? On the subject of mealworms my live colony is doing well despite one episode of the great escape during last weeks storms,  trying to catch about 100 little critters in the pouring rain is not much fun and I must have looked a right state in my dressing gown and hiking boots racing around the back yard trying pick them up!  I think I caught most of the escapees and with the additon of some extra sacking in the lid of their house I seem to have solved the problem.

Enough writing for me as I have lots of work to do, several interesting new projects lined up and I will be on holiday on Sunday and Monday - can't wait!

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

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