Saturday, 10 October 2009

Indulging in nice food and enjoying a little controversy!

I have always enjoyed good food and am generally quite fussy about what I eat. For me buying food is usually a bit of a battle as I like to try to buy organic, locally produced food wherever possible but I also look at how much packaging a product has too and may pick one item over another if it has less packaging or a more environmentally friendly packet. My love of nice healthy, ethical food meant I was thrilled to find a local restaurant that makes wonderful home cooked, locally sourced dishes with an emphasis on good husbandry for all meat products too! The Waterman's arms (pictured above) near Totnes is a gorgeous pub, restaurant and hotel and on arrival my husband and I found a free table by the open fire where we accompanied by the pubs resident dogs, a very cute terrier and an equally cute collie.

The pub experience was enhanced even more by the local real ale, Palmers. Palmers is located in the historic dorset town of Bridport and has been producing beer for over 200 years. The Copper ale pictured was a light refreshing beer which clensed the palate perfectly after the mouthwatering mushroom and parmesan rissotto balls encased with breadcrumbs and served on a large salad featuring about 10 different leafy greens. My husbands lamb dish looked just as gorgeous and the meat was fresh and tender. We will definitely be returning to this hidden gem soon and would recommend it to anyone. Word of advice, if you want to dine in the restaurant you are strongly advised to book as this place is popular.

So after our meal out last Saturday and after watching an episode of Nigel Slaters cookery programme I have found new inspiration for cooking. Tonight I am cooking Nigel's grilled prawns which are meant to be very hot and spicy and I am looking forward to the detoxifying effect of the huge amount of chillies, garlic and ginger I have used! The prawns are currently marinading in the fridge so I will let you know how they turn out and will apolgise to my Monday night students as I fear I will still be reeking of garlic!

Before I sign off for today I must share a little news story I noticed in todays herald which I must admit chuckling too although I do recognise the dangers involved. Click here to read the story and watch the video. Apparently, judging by the comments and looking at the video, the driver may well have been within the speed limit. Unfortunately us humans do seem to enjoy laughing at other peoples misfortunes especially when it involves a group of school kids getting drenched!

Stay Healthy & avoid big puddles!

Sam x

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sam
I have been there for lunch with my husbands family. We sat by the water. It is lovely and I will be visiting again. Narrow roads though!!
Ziggy x