Thursday, 8 October 2009


Just when I thought it was safe Google have decided to update their blogger functionality which seems to mean that they have moved everything, hopefully the improvements will be for the better but I am yet to find out. It seems Google are not alone in wanting to update their online facilities and on Sunday Lloydstsb took the action of replacing their online banking system without notifying their customers! The result of Lloydstsb actions have caused some upheaval in payments to my staff resulting in some people not getting paid at all and others getting paid twice! Of course if I make a mistake the bank are more than happy to send me a nice little letter charging me £30 for my error however when Lloydstsb make an error apparently it is tough s**t!
The conversation with Lloydstsb reminded me that the collective noun for a group of bankers is a wunch!! No doubt there are simliar collective nouns for MP's and Plymouth City Council? Note to MP's "No, we haven't forgotten the expenses scandal, just wait till the next elections!". Picture below of Gordon Brown giving our money away!

Any of you who are local to Plymouth will be aware of the controversial sale of Citybus and some peole have picked up on the seemingly ridiculous statement that it will cost £1 million to value the company, how is this possible? If I want to value a busines with a view to buy it I simply get an accountant to look at the assets of the busines and the turnover and then come to some sort of figure, how this could possibly cost £1 million is beyond me. What is true is that many people are concerned about the potential sell off of another of Plymouth's assets as well as the huge costs of the valuation. Click here to read one of the recent articles in the this is Plymouth website regarding the proposed sale.

OMG, I have just discovered that the new blogger system actually does as it is told and is a vast improvement on the old system - Yippeee! Bad news is that I can't find the spell checker so I am bound to make loads of mistakes as I type too fast and am hopeless at checking my own work.

So it must be that time that I have to return to proper work, I have the exciting job of some data input (Yawn) but am looking forward to an hour of pole practice with fellow instructor Rosanna at 5pm. I have to start thinking about a new routine for my pending performance at the Plymouth Univeristy Student Union as well as the UPPDC open day here at the art of dance. I have found a gorgeous new track to dance too but it is 7 minutes long so will need shortening as there is no way I am doing a 7 minute routine. Ok so I can't avoid the data input job any longer, just time to make a nice cup of peppermint tea before burying my head in the PC for the next few hours as I try to decipher the handwriting of my lovely university pole dancing students!

Stay healthy,

Sam x

p.s. Get Well Soon Dad x

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