Thursday, 1 October 2009


After yesterdays pole jam and open day at the art of dance I ventured to local club Raffles with Sue, Rosanna and two of my lovely students Justine & Jo where we joined by Gordon (pictured above). Gordon & I took it upon ourselves to support a local business (St Austell Brewery) by consuming several pints of their gorgeous Tribute ale.

The open day and pole jam had been a great success with some new faces turning up to view our two Plymouth studios. Free Bra fitting was provided by Donna from Sienna Lingerie and Miss Amelia B and Miss Spanky McScaffold provided some guided tours of the premises. Myself and my team of Plymouth pole dancing instructors Rosanna, Hayley & Tamar had a great time playing on the poles and trying new moves and combos. I achieved a new spin combo consisting of a back hook spin straight into a spinning shoulder mount, will try to get it videoed and posted soon.

On the subject of my staff team I was beginning to think they had all forgotten how to blog but Hayley has redeemed the situation with a mammoth blog including tales of her recent lesson with world champion pole dancer Felix Cane.

Despite a mild hangover I am finally feeling free of the infection that has plagued me for the past 2 weeks and I also feel that my pole strength has returned after the fortnight of pole weakness! The only small niggle now is the back injury I sustained whilst performing at Jess's open day last Saturday, the injury occurred whilst I was doing the 'stargazer'; as I arched backwards I heard a large click in my back and since then my back has been reminding me that something is not quite right, I will see how it is this week but may have to get some professional advice!

picture left of me at Jess's open day performing 'the knee con'

If you a pole dancer reading this blog and you fancy entering the next series of Britain's Got talent then just visit the pole dance community website for more details. It would be really nice to get some good pole dancers on BGT, I am hoping that AJ may be persuaded to enter!!

I will sign of shortly as I am off to Torquay for the night to stay in a hotel with my Mother in law an her sister and husband. My husband and I have been given a free hotel room for the night and have promised to join in with all the hotels activities - I will update you on that later!

Lastly if any of you are local to the south west of England and you are interested in sustainable living then you may want to attend an evening with writer Tracey Smith, author of The Book of rubbish ideas. The evening will be held at Ashtorre, Rock Community Centre next Tuesday 6th October at 7.30pm and will be hosted by the Saltash Environmental Action (SEA). The evening will include a lively interactive talk on reducing your rubbish and making a difference to the local and global environment, this is an evening not to be missed (donations welcome, and there will be FREE fair trade/organic teas, coffees, squash etc!). If you would like more info on this event please contact Louise Austin

Stay healthy,

Sam x

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