Monday, 29 December 2008

Post Xmas blogging

After a fabulous Xmas I thought I better get back to blogging, I, like most of us, seem to have put on a few pounds over Xmas and still have a fridge full of cheese to plough through. It seems that a good Pole jam is called for very soon to get me back into shape for the new year.

I thought I would share a few photos with you from the last few days starting with this one of me in my Xmas attire and one below of my husband in his festive finery!

As I am preparing for 2009 I thought I would update the pictures on my blog so I have added some new ones and removed some old ones. I am also working a new website for the art of dance - watch this space!

The only downside to the festive period has been the visits to my Grandad that have usually resulted in tears as I hate to see him the way he is, I do however understand that he is not going to get better. I have a meeting with my family and social service today to discuss long term care plans, I am not expecting the meeting to be easy.

As the new year approaches I have many plans for 2009, There will be many changes at the art of dance hopefully for the better and I intend to add some new tricks to my repertoire ready for some pending exhibitions that are happening in February and March - full details to follow.

Just before Xmas I had the pleasure of a visit from art of dance baby Ava with proud mum Penny, We hope that Ava (Or Darth Ava as she is affectionately known) will be joining us on the poles very soon!
I also received this lovely e-card from friends Maya, Fay and Jay which made me smile!

Lastly for those of you who haven't read it already you must read Hayley's great Xmas blog. To celebrate the start of 2009 I hope to give you some great fitness tips to help you start 2009 with a healthy approach! But for now enjoy some more mince pies and sherry!

Stay healthy,

Sam x

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