Monday, 22 December 2008

Gluttony & Local produce

After stocking up on a few extra Xmas luxuries my husband and I found ourselves munching our way through most of them last night, there was just something too tempting about the various goodies lurking in the cupboard for them to be saved until Xmas day. Therefore today I feel like it is boxing day, I feel stuffed and hungover but it is a work day and I have to teach soon not, that I deserve any sympathy for my gluttony. It wasn't all bad yesterday as the evening started with a beautiful oven cooked sea bream with steamed local broccoli and Canarian style new potatoes, pudding came in the form of Blake's of Cornwall mince pies: OK so these are not the cheapest mince pies in the world and at £2.75 for 6 my husband nearly had a heart attack but they are divine and are made with brandy and port and sumptuous spices (can't find a web link but you can order by phone 01579 342159 or if you live in Plymouth you can purchase from them Seymour Ave stores in St Judes) The mince pies slipped down gently as they were accompanied by a generous dollop of Rodda's cornish clotted cream.

The evening was rounded of with some Kettle chips and Mrs Crimbles wheat free Coconut macaroons and several pints of real ale washed down with two shots of Amarula, hardly a good example from a fitness professional!

My Xmas greed has subsided today and I have returned to normal eating habits as well as spending an hour on the pole to help burn of some of yesterdays indulgence. I have also consumed some innocent smoothie of the month - Lemon, ginger and honey, it is a very refreshing drink and just one glass has 2 portions of my RDA of 5 fruit a day, also the ingredients have properties that are rumoured to help fend off many winter nasties such as colds and flu.

After my distinct lack of blogging I hope to make up for last time by blogging every day for the next 3 days! I may even blog on Xmas day but am not making any promises as the fridge full of Sharps Doom Bar may have othyer ideas. I hope to blog tomorrow on a
council plan which has infuriated me!

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

p.s. I will leave you with this video clip sent to me by the lovely AmyTree of pole dancing in 1953 - no taboos then so why so many now, the vid doesn't really get started until about 1 minute in! before you watch the clip you may be interested to know that Cirque Du Soleil has finally recognised pole dancing as an artistic form and has signed up MPD Australia champion Felix for it latest show Zumanity.


ArtofdanceJo said...

Oink oink!! Have a lovely Xmas you two. Love Jo and Badger xxx

Anonymous said...

Im at haste to add that the top pici is defo not me!

Sid the hubby

Glamourpuss said...

Ah yes, Rodda's every time. Yum. And I love those macaroons, too.